User-731D3F8D-D8EB-4CD3-BAC35C722C57B032 18:46 01 Oct 2003

I'm no technical expert and the answer may seem blatantly obvious but can someome explain why I get over 100 spam, generally with pornographic subject titles, in less than a week in my hotmail account. I don't open the email either so hopefully, I'm not confirming my existance.

I do not give out my hotmail address and I started getting spam as soon as the account was activated.

Some spam end up in my inbox instead of my junk mail folder. They do this by using my username in the address and I presume hotmail doesn't filter it out.

Can anyone help?

And could anyone recommend a decent, spam free web-based email account? I'm willing to pay for a better service.

  chrishillcoat 18:56 01 Oct 2003

It depends (in part) on how long your address is, as the way spammers get addresses is often to simply try every combination possible - but every character you add on means it takes 36 (plus the other characters) times as long to do anything. So if your new address is [email protected] (unlikely) then you'll be spammed to death. Having an address like [email protected]m will take a little longer to crack ;-)

  Ironman556 19:05 01 Oct 2003

Your ISP should be web based, also click here are quite good.

Never even download or preview junk emails, you'll end up getting more, some have autoresponses sent to validate the adress when it's opened.

I use hotmail for signing up to sites and get all my junk sent to that. I have a couple of others I onloy give to selected people.

Also make sure you never publish your email on any website, ie don't put it on your webpage, use a "click here", and don't write it in forums.

Thanks for the advice! I think I will either find myself a better email address or take chrishillcoat's advice and make my address ridiculously long.

Wow - I've never used this forum before - responses are lightning fast. May recommend this to a few other friends.

  Ironman556 23:28 01 Oct 2003

Glad you're happy with the responses, they're usually pretty qucik.

One pointer, when you think your question has been answered tick the box and click resolved, it lets everyone know that your problems been solved, and also means that people with the same problem may have an immidiate solution.

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