Hostplus Round 2

  andywolve 11:04 23 Jul 2005

PC Advisor PLEASE HELP ME, I am in distress, I dont know what to do...

On December 29th 2004, I upgraded from Basic Hosting to Pro Hosting (not renewing my domain name). As before I have mentioned that I had problems with Hostplus, and I have asked them many times for a refund, with no such luck. Yesterday was the snapping of my patience. I have asked Hostplus to give me a FULL refund, a tag change and them to cancel my subscription.

After email after email, they keep saying that they dont have the money to give me, and to contact the old owner. I have asked who was the old owner of hostplus, and with only a reply containing an email to contact. Today I have contacted them for the last chance of hope that I will get my money back. I will include the last email I sent before I went to the old owners, which will clear the picture for you. The response I recieved from the so called 'Support', was unadmirable.

Could you PC Advisor, investigate, my case, I dont mind at all forwarding ALL the emails and letters which have been sent to me and I have sent to them. Or just let me know where I stand on how to get some or all of my money back.

Thanks in advance
(the letter will be posted below from me to Hostplus and the reply which I recieved)

  andywolve 11:06 23 Jul 2005

Dear Sirs,
from March 28th 2005 I repeatedly tried to contact Hostplus via e-mail as my server was down and had no response. By 19th May 2005 I had been attempting to contact Hostplus for 7weeks and 3 days in an attempt to discover what was wrong. I had received no land mail explaination from them giving any explantation nor have I received any e-mail. I had paid for two years service on 29th December 2004. Yet from 29.03.05 the service I had paid for was non-existant.
Now, we can continue to throw e-mails at each other. My requests for information and help, your sarcasm and unhelpful attitude and you can continue to insinuate that I am attempting to claim back money I have paid for a service I am not receiving.
You have told me that Hostplus had been taken over on the 1st June 2005.
Companies are not taken over at short notice. It can take many months. I suggest to you that when I paid for my two year service, the take over was already underway, and Hostplus was already making changes within the system for the take over.
Hence my server going down.
Take a look at your website - it states that problems will be sorted out in two weeks - this has been there since March 29th when my problems started. Not very good service, would you say?
The level of service and information provided to me, your customer, about my server, which is down, is virtually non-esistant. What information has come my way is shabby and unhelpful and sometimes downright sarcaastic. Again, not very good customer service, do you think?
Then you told me that any problems have ben corrected and things are back to normal, but my server remained unusable. Then you have said that other problems have been sorted out and everything is back to normal. Except my server still wouldn't work. You never said what problems they were either.
You told me it wasn't your responsibility and to contact the old supplier - bit difficult that when they have been taken over and are no longer trading. Also, you didn't supply any information as to who I could contact. Not meant for public knowledge you said, so how am I supposed to make contact?
I have tried to be patient. For 12 weeks and 4 days I have tried to be patient. I have repeatedly asked for information to help me clarify and understand what is happening. I have run out of patience.
Today is the 22nd July. Forgat all other e-mails I may have sent you about deadlines etc. I have lost any patience I may have had. If I have not received a refund and change of tag by the 31st July 2005, on Monday 1st August I am going to take this matter to the small claims court.
I have also prepared letters to various publications, including copies of all e-mails sent. I am absolutely certain that I am not the only one to be in this situation, but perhaps if we all get our heads together through some reputable publications, then we might start to understand just what is happening and why there is no help or information given us, despite frequent requests.
I am not making a threat here. I am just sick and tired of trying to obtain information. I am simply stating what will happen. Perhaps you are not legally or monetarily responsible for what has occured. But if the take over was underway when I started my subscription, then I am sure that the court pursue my claim.
You and your employees are probably more aware of cyber law than I and probably feel that you can squash such claims as mine. Maybe so. I guess we'll just have to see.
Obviously, I am cancelling my subscription, having had service for only 3 months from you. Even when the server did finally come back on line, it went down so quickly that I couldn't use it. It was like a yo-yo - up and down, up and down, that I simply couldn't use it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Dale

  andywolve 11:07 23 Jul 2005


You have have never asked for technical support at this address. I have already
explained the situation regarding the acquisition of the Hostplus accounts.
Therefore I have done all I can regarding this matter and this ticket will be
closed. I will include some information about the acquisition below to clarify.
Good day.


AndHosting only purchased certain assets (The shared hosting accounts, as well
as domain names) of Deenine Internet Services Limited. We did not assume
operation of their company or finances. We did not buy the actual company. Any
issues prior to June 1st have no bearing whatsoever on andHosting.

Andhosting did however make every effort to bring their customers onto our
servers as quickly as possible after their server crashed and was reclaimed by
their datacenter.

  andywolve 11:55 25 Jul 2005

anyone wishing to help please do so, cos I dont know where I stand. The deadline which I set in the letter, was to see what they would do, but they seem that they dont care

  andywolve 15:55 26 Jul 2005

I have now managed to cancel my subscription with them, however, they dont offer refunds but only 'discounts' on any future services which i may buy from them.
So I am now running after my money, any suggestions I can claim it back?
I am now only after the money which they owe me when the service got quite bad from MArch 28th 2005

  andywolve 21:51 02 Aug 2005

Hi There,

As you may understand that I am coming to the end of my patience, and I would like to know what you would do in my shoes, if you have been told that the company was taken over, by andhosting, which did not take any financial, and operation. And that the old owner is only reachable through a email address.

Should I take Hostplus to court, or should I just give up for just over £77?

£77, is alot for me, meaning that I am student, and that amount could go towards my further education.

If there is anyone who could give some wise words, and advice, it would be most appreciated.

And am I allowed to go to the small claims court? And what is it like, what do you have to do in court?

Kind regards

  andywolve 13:39 11 Aug 2005

im now waiting for my solicitors to get back in touch....

i will let you know more when i get an update

  andywolve 16:58 14 Sep 2005


Finished talking to Trading Standards
Have ceased trading, have warned me not to waste my money trying to chase it up.

  originalmiscellany 17:24 14 Sep 2005

it's nice to see how these things work out - cheers.

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