Hostplus and Deenine Problems

  andywolve 13:55 25 Jun 2005

Hi there I am currently having problems with my hosting company and would like PC Advisor to help me including their readers. I enclose a more or less of a copy of my letter which I will be sending Special Delivery on Monday, thanks for your help in advance:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been having a lot of problems trying to contact you; firstly can I please explain what problems I have been receiving from you.

My problems started on March 28th 2005, I know that my domain was taken down unexpectedly and then a few days later, I received an email saying that you are doing some service upgrades, which is fine, but the point is that aren’t you supposed to warn me in advance that I may suffer some service breakage? Or if it’s not in the terms and conditions, you should do it to be courteous. (So from March my website was down the majority since then, I was promised sometime in April that my website would not be taken down again!)

Then I contacted, just to ask them three questions (I did this through the website) on May 9th 2005, my first question was:

Copied from acknowledgement email
Sent : 09 May 2005 11:14:37
Subject :New dControl Contact Ticket

Description of issue:

Description of Problem:FTP no longer works
Error Messages: cannot make connection to host
Operating System: Dreamweaver MX 2004 (Windows XP Home)
ISP/Connection Type: Broadband

Hi there, ever since the upgrade of your servers, my software has been unable to
connect to your servers, could you please send my revised settings to me, thanks

Kind Regards,
DeeNine Internet Services Ltd
Support Helpdesk

Then shortly after on the same day I asked another question:

Sent : 09 May 2005 11:16:41
Subject : New dControl Contact Ticket

Description of issue:

Description of Problem: n/a
Error Messages: n/a
Operating System: Windows Xp Home
ISP/Connection Type: Broadband

Hi there,

I am wondering how much it would cost to renew my Domain name for another 2
years with you.

Kind Regards,
DeeNine Internet Services Ltd
Support Helpdesk

And finally my last email:

Sent : 09 May 2005 11:24:01

Subject : New dControl Contact Ticket

Description of issue:

Description of Problem: UNIX type patch application
Error Messages:n/a
Operating System: Dreamweaver MX 2004, XP HOME
ISP/Connection Type: Broadband
Hi there, I have phpBB, forum, and they have advised me to use the UNIX type
patch application is it compatible to use with your servers, and is it already
on your server?
Kind Regards,
DeeNine Internet Services Ltd
Support Helpdesk

After waiting for more than a week, I tried to logon to my account, to find that either the secure part was not loading, I tried also to log in to my account on the Hostplus and to no avail! (My website was also down!!)

So then I tried to email you on your advertised email addresses on the Deenine and Hostplus accounts, I did receive a reply from only 1 out of three I tried, (it no longer works!! Which were: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] the one which has been highlighted to blue, only worked, I also tried to contact Deenine, none of their email accounts worked. Correspondence taken between 19/05/05 and 25/05/05 and that was the last time I heard from Hostplus.

I emailed about my website being offline with a reply which was a standard letter about Hostplus acquiring another Hosting company, so why would my account suffer from you taking over another company?

I telephoned last week to complain about my service which I was receiving and I was given the excuse that my domain was on an old server and was on the list to move onto the new server, and the Gentlemen said it should be back online that night. It was and I was able to connect onto my domain, however I am not receiving my full service as I cannot connect to my account through Deenine and Hostplus.

I am saddened that a company with potential but with some bad history with customers losing their tempers with staff, the company has now seemed to have lost my confidence in hosting my website

I would like compensation of 3 months Subscriptions, if my service does not return to normality within 7 working days which is 7 days from you receiving this letter, deadline is then: 05/07/05.

  Forum Editor 15:12 25 Jun 2005

and I'm not sure I followed everything perfectly.

In essence I take it that you are complaining about poor hosting services from a company called DeeNine, and/or one of their other companies - HostPlus. From what you say it does look as if you have not been receiving a satisfactory level of service, and that your complaint is justified, although without having the full picture I can't say more than that.

We see quite a few complaints of this nature relating to various hosting companies, and in many cases there's not much to be done, other than to recommend a move to a different company. If you repeatedly receive bad service (or no service) from a company it's unlikely that they're suddenly going to change. In the web-hosting business rapid response to customer enquiries/complaints is everything, and any company which fails to recognise that fact will soon be in trouble. My own view is that it's simply not worth wasting time and money with inefficient companies - far better to move on and leave the problem behind.

  andywolve 16:46 21 Jul 2005

I have done exactly what you have suggested, I have now asked for it to be transferred to another hosting company, and I will once built the server, host my website from home.


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