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  [email protected] 22:24 17 May 2006

Hi all

Just got my wireless home network running :-)

Any recommendations for good games to play between 2 PC`s on a home network?

Cheers (in advance)

  jimmybond 22:33 17 May 2006


  [email protected] 22:41 17 May 2006

Hate backgammon :-(

Next !

  mark mcc 22:45 17 May 2006

Hello [email protected] on my home wireless network i play Toca Race Driver 3 & Need For Speed : Most Wanted and they work brillo

if you are a fan of driving games i would go for one of them but theirs millions of other good ones on the market but they r my fav.

so let me know how you get on


  mark mcc 22:58 17 May 2006

P.S [email protected]

The Need For Speed Most Wanted Demo can be downloaded here click here

The Toca Race Driver 3 Demo Here click here-

Just incase if you buy them and dont like them you can try the demos first

Hope i helped


  mark mcc 23:05 17 May 2006

Sorry tam the Toca Race Driver 3 Demo you can download it here i didnt know that you have to register to file planet so theirs the correct 1 click here


  [email protected] 23:49 17 May 2006


I assume you need 2 copies of each game (1 for each PC) or can you do it with 1 copy?

  Devil Fish 23:45 19 May 2006

legally you would need 2 copies

you can do it with one

but site rules prevent me telling you how

  dontmeshwithme 10:38 20 May 2006

For mindless fun, I love unreal tornament, you should be able to pick up 2 copies of UT 2003 from ebay for under a tenner! Also I also like to make sure that any network game also offers bots as well. There is nothing worse than just having 2 players and you spend most of your time trying to find each other (I admit that this isn't a problem with racing games).

  scotty 20:48 20 May 2006

Colin McRae Rally (at least the old version I have) allows you to install the network game on a second pc and this does not require the original disc to run the network game.

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