home made or not?

  shamz 19:53 18 Oct 2004

is it easier to make your own computer or buy one and is it cheaper to buy your own parts and make a computer or buy a ready made one?

  TomJerry 20:25 18 Oct 2004

You can assemble a computer when you get all parts, but I do not think you can make one.

Price-wise, you cannot beat big box shifters such as Dell, Mesh etc etc because they got parts at much much lower price.

If you want to have fun, do try DIY.

  harps1h 20:30 18 Oct 2004

it's a case of personal choice really. on one hand it will probably prove slightly cheaper to buy, but if you are preoficient in building you will find that a personal build is for your own specifcation and not a mass bulid. there is also a certain satisfaction as you push that button for the first time and it all comes together. however if it doesn't it will test your problem solving abilities.

patience is the best tool in your box

  spuds 21:44 18 Oct 2004

If you intend to build a computer, then I would suggest that you check various retailers for their bundled component. This will guarantee compatibilty of parts, plus in bundled form, you should get a discounted price, compered to purchasing individual items.

If you purchase components from different retailers, this can lead to possible 'its not our part thats faulty'problem.So stick to perhaps one source, someone like click here click here click here click here

  kench 23:02 18 Oct 2004

Have a look at the prices at computer fairs to see how much cheaper ready built systems are.

  t.long 23:23 18 Oct 2004

Self build can be cheaper if you have old parts you want to reuse. Also it does allow you to get the parts you want, not the parts some retailor wants to sell you.

However it will never work out cheaper, espcecialy if you factor in time, and stress. Plus that little bit of fear we all get - well I do - when you go to push the power button for the first time. Then the horror when nothing happens, then the joy when you realise you did not switch the PSU on! Okay maybe thats just me, it only happened once :-).

The one advantage of a self build is you know just whats in the box. This can help you pinpoint any issue, you know what your MB is so a quick search on the net will reveal if it has issues with generic RAM, or certain VGA cards et al. This makes it easier to deal with problems.

Self builds are not for everyone. The important thing about any self build - or even purchase of a complete system - is to think about what you want to use the system for. There is no point buying a P4 Extreme if you only want to send emails and look at the odd webpage. Think about what you want to do, then about what you will need to do it.

Well thats enougth from me.

  spuds 10:04 19 Oct 2004

Adding to the post, remember that a ready built purchased computer will have a warranty or guarantee, and aftersales service support. It may also include all the software required, that will give the advantage that everything will work out the box.The model/type of ready built computer may also have a review or forum comment, which should highlight any goods or bads of the product.

Building your own computer will give pleasant and personal satisfaction if all goe's well, but if problems arrive then this will perhaps cause upsets and need consideration before you decide on the action that you will finally make.

  Noelg23 11:26 19 Oct 2004

7yrs I have been learning about PCs and in those 7yrs I will tell you right now you're better off building you're own PC...cos not only do you get to put your own stuff in but you also save alot of money compared to buying one thats ready made...also you can upgrade without having to worry about compatibility (altho that rule still applies when sefl building) but overall self build is definitely the way mate...I have built a few PCs for people and meself and I can now say I am proud of my machines.

  Noelg23 11:30 19 Oct 2004

Price-wise, you cannot beat big box shifters such as Dell, Mesh etc etc because they got parts at much much lower price.

Mate I think you will find that there are people out there who can compete with the likes of Dell and Mesh...I happen to be one of them :) so really if you tried hard enough you can beat them price wise...my machine for example would have cost at least £1200 when I first put it together earlier this year and it only cost me £200 less to build it meself! so you see you can beat them...if you try hard enough of course...

  TomJerry 12:34 19 Oct 2004

Maybe you did not buy any software including windows for your self build PC. This is how one can save money by self build normally.

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