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  CFC23 14:21 11 Dec 2008

Just been getting some quotes on line for Home insurance. Churchill are way cheaper than many others,how do they do that?
Anyone have experience of having to claim?

  curofone 14:26 11 Dec 2008

We have nationwide home insurance which is underwritten by chrurchill. A couple of weeks ago one pane of double glazed kitchen window got accidentally broken in the early afternoon and by the evening they had sent someone out someone to stop the window cracking and make sure our home was secure and then a week later the window was replaced. To be honest the service when way beyond what i was expecting.

  Pamy 14:57 11 Dec 2008

If over 50, try Saga, telling them what Churchill have quoted, they will do all to beet them especially as a new customer.

  Pamy 14:57 11 Dec 2008

Ps phone them, do not do on line

  HondaMan 15:21 11 Dec 2008

You need to check exactly WHAT is covered and WHEN, Some policies exclude cover outside the home, limit single item liability or exclude accidental damage.

For uinstance all my photography kit has to be listed individually as the single item limit is below the value of the separate items in the kit.

Apologies for any typo's, just recovering from a vitrectomy.

  sunnystaines 15:45 11 Dec 2008

we had nationwide for years beat everyone then a big hike this year on renewal despite no claims or reason so moved to swinton.

had some rip off quotes from high street banks.

  VNAM75 15:57 11 Dec 2008

Paid £92 for budildings only insurance from esure

  CFC23 16:44 11 Dec 2008

Interesting replies.
Pamy,at one time I had car and home with Saga but the price became rather high. Good when you first sign up but not so good at renewal. I 'phoned them about this and the reply amounted to,low at first in order to get new customers. This is common to most insurers,no real discount for loyalty!
sunnystaines,exactly what you have found.

HondaMan, I do agree with your point,I do check the details but the real test is when (if) you need to claim.
I had to Google vitrectomy,hope you are soon better!
The answer seems to be to change each year, Churchill looking good at the moment.

  canarieslover 17:15 11 Dec 2008

You have hit the nail on the head. Change each year is the best way to keep costs down. I too have had Churchill insurance in the past and was very pleased with their actions on a claim, but they became very expensive afterwards. I will no doubt try them again at some time and get a good quote as I then become 'new business'. I have found this with motor insurance too, loyalty is not rewarded, new business is more important.

  lofty29 17:34 11 Dec 2008

I have never been able to understand the thinking behind this approach, surely it is better to keep a long standing customer than keep loosing them.

  CFC23 18:04 11 Dec 2008

We all agree on this,pity the insurers don't see it the same way!

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