home delivery network and dabs

  a member 14:28 07 Mar 2007

During the period from September last year and February this year , I purchased 7 Items from dabs , including an expensive (for me) digital camera , an external hard drive , basically some fairly fragile Items .
out of the 7 Items 1 was delivered by parcel force , got it next morning in good condition .
from the other 6 items 5 of them arrived with badly(holed and or crushed) packaging . it was a miracle that no items were damaged, I think this is due to dabs method of sealing the inner package withing a plastic membrane .
the parcels all showed signs of neglect , foot prints , dents , holes and badly repaired with miles of sellotape.
I complained to dabs about this as in my view this is completely unnacceptable, using thier online (chat type) helpline, they told me that parcels sometimes get damaged, and said they had had no complaints about the firm (home delivery network) I was advised to leave feedback , as dabs does not seam to have a complaints departement.
I requested that in future they use parcel force for all of my deliveries and told them that I would not ever accept a parcel from HDN again.
they said that they could not do that , so I am no longer a Dabs customer .
anyone else had any similar problems with HDN and dabs.

  vinnyT 13:24 08 Mar 2007
  €dstowe 14:04 08 Mar 2007

"and said they had had no complaints about the firm (home delivery network)"

dabs have had complaints about HDN - at least two from me (see vinnyt's link)

I was sorry to find the other day that Amazon are now using HDN.

  GaT7 14:37 08 Mar 2007

"I was sorry to find the other day that Amazon are now using HDN." - My neighbour & I have had recent deliveries from Amazon/HDN. No problem so far. G

  €dstowe 14:51 08 Mar 2007

I think it depends on who's driving/delivering for HDN. They seem to employ part time people who just happen to have a large car or van and are doing the job for pin money and don't really care or have any pride in that they do.

My HDN/Amazon delivery was made by a woman who, from her appearance, I would not have expected to be a delivery driver, delivering from a beaten-up old Volvo car. She did get the delivery right so, no complaint this time.

  keef66 14:51 08 Mar 2007

I just had 3 deliveries (2 monitors, 2 ext hard drives and some software) from Amazon via HDN and all were in pristine condition on arrival. It sounds as if merlinx and €dstowe are served by particularly neanderthal HDN crews. (are you in the same part of the world?)

Vote with your feet (fingers?)and shop elsewhere. Ebuyer use CityLink which I have always found very good.

  a member 15:28 08 Mar 2007

I am in South Wales , I believe that the HDN for my area is based in swansea,
When the last parcel got delivered I was out and my mum took delivery , it was a 19inch widescreen moniter and the driver put it down on the floor in the hallway upside down although it was clearly marked (this way up) when I came home , I discovered just why it was put upside down , there was a gaping big hole in the lid that they had tried (and failed to repair) with sellotape. I can recall at least 4 different drivers , so this damage must be occuring in the warehouse.
These organizations are entrusted with delivering goods from one party to another in good condition , I would say that 5 out of 6 parcels badly damaged is cause for concern by anyones standards.

  Jimmy14 16:31 08 Mar 2007

Stopped being a Dabs Customer after they refused to help me in January after paying £300 on a PDA. They kept telling me a courier came to pick the faulty product up but I got someone to wait in every day and no-one appeared. Their service is a disgrace frankly. Thankfully HP helped me.

  mikef. 18:43 08 Mar 2007

As €dstowe says it depends on the local courier, I'm lucky I've got a cracking one, he tries mid week once and knows he will get me on Saturday morning if I'm not in, which I never am, so leaves a card saying next delivery Saturday and he always comes around 10 am

  BananaSkin 17:38 30 Apr 2007

Just had my first experience of HDN through Dabs today and sad to say its utter rubbish, i've was in all morning not 3m away from the front door and what do i find, instead of someone knocking on the door i get a card saying someone tried to deliver. Whats worse they indicated they had just left the box on next to my front door...i live on a busy street so is that wise and secure!? And guess what, when i open the door no box! NOT impressed since the items i ordered amount to £150. If this is not resolved to my satisfaction Dabs is going to lose me as a customer and my credit card company will get me my money back. Why didn't Dabs just stick with just ParcelForce or Amtrak or switch to CityLink?

  frankyboy123 02:10 09 May 2011

I know this is an old thread but it looks like Home Delivery Network have still not improved.

The first I knew they had my parcel was a card through the door. I phoned and explained I work during the day so organised an alternative address. Their nearest depot was a 70 mile round trip away (and I live in the West Midlands) so picking the parcel up was not an option. They couldn't deliver it until 6 days later due to a bank holiday (not sure why).

Anyway, 6 days went by and no parcel at work. When I got home there was another card through the door. I phoned and they admitted it must have been a mistake by their depot not putting the new sticker on the box but promised it would come the next day. Still no parcel at work the following day but yet again they had tried to deliver it to my home! Another phone call and lots of apologising led to another promise of it being delivered the next day. Still no parcel the next day so I rang them up and they said it had been marked as "Urgent" and "Must be delivered today" but their system said they had failed to put it on the van that day. Even the guy on the phone couldn't believe it.

HDNL are incompetent and I will never order from anyone who use them as a courier.

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