Holly Computers Nightmare

  rpgnutjob 12:38 26 May 2005

i ordered a Graphics Card from Holly Computers over a month ago but it wasn't in stock. They said it would be in stock within 7 Days.
2 Weeks later and following no updates of any kind from them, i phoned to cancel it.Guy on the phone wasn't gonna let go that easy and convinced me to take an alternative and very similar card. This arrived 2 days later but was the wrong one. They sent me a PCI-E Card instead of agp, despite my stressing more than once during our phone conversation that the replacement must be AGP. (As the original order had been)
I phoned to inform them of their mistake and was told i had to return the card at my own expense before i could recieve a refund. I wasn't best pleased by this point and told them on the phone i wasnt too impressed so far with their service. Guy on the phone didnt care either! He just told me to get over it... they made a mistake and it wasn't the end of the world was it?
So i returned the card by special delivery on 10th May which they recieved on the 11th May. It is now the 26th of May and i still have not had my refund.
They no longer respond to my emails.... when i phone i just get fobbed off with "yes ok we will chase it up" I have even written to them and have still had no response.
It's now over a month since the original order and so far i have nothing, and they have £150.00 of my money.
So any ideas how i get my money back from these people please?
Anyone else had a similar experience with them?
Getting more than a bit frustrated with this company now!
Thanks for listening :)

  Aspman 15:27 26 May 2005

Have a word with trading standard and I would also speak to your credit card company.

  Forum Editor 21:00 26 May 2005

I have to tell you that they have 30 days to refund your money, and that starts from the point at which you notified them that you wanted the refund - not from the date that you first ordered from them. You must ask for the refund in writing (an email is acceptable in law), did you do that?

  rpgnutjob 05:07 27 May 2005

Yeah i wrote to them over a week ago but still no response so far :(

  simonp1 13:04 27 May 2005

Well did you pay buy CC, if so, inform your CC company your in dispute with this company ( FE will know more ) but im sure they get sorrt the payment out...or contact the company..

  Total Care Support 14:40 27 May 2005


I noticed this post in PCPro also (see click here ), one of their journos has offered if you email her to contact holly on your behalf have you tried this yet as they may be able to get you the answers you are looking for.

Best regards


  rpgnutjob 15:53 27 May 2005

Just done exactly that.
Thanks for the heads up Daniel :)
Ill post with any update, if they have any luck on my behalf.

  rpgnutjob 13:48 02 Jun 2005

Well finally after having the card back for 22 days they refunded my money.
They did not however refund my postage costs for returning the card after promising that they would.
So after all that i'm still 6 pounds out of pocket.
Moral of the story?...... I think you can figure that one out for yourselves!

  dlp11 16:54 26 Jun 2005

Yet more woe on Holly Computers of Essex

I ordered a system on 9/3/05 (estimated delivery 21 days) and after three months (I will give them the benefit of one month out of the three as I changed the spec; (but then again, much of that time was spent waiting for them to respond) I took the decision to cancel. Most telephone calls and my final email to cancel were totally ignored, with hindsight and seeing other comments from customers, this now seems par for the course.

Not wishing to lose my deposit, which given the lack of communication seemed a real possibility, I decided to drive the 200-mile round trip again (I visited them when I placed the order) to obtain those parts they had managed to source and will now build the system myself. For the missing part (a case to house the system) after 15 mins on the Internet I sourced this component, something they could not achieve!

This company seriously needs to sort out customer service, which if anyone from Holly reads this is the simple act of helping the very people that keep you in business, or not as the case may be!

The only silver lining to this rather large cloud is the long delay has meant I can take advantage of the new AMD 64 X2 processors!

  Majicthighs 12:57 26 Jul 2005

Well, they appear to have disappeared now.

I called yesterday with a helpdesk query. Phone auto answered but then went dead on selecting helpdesk.

Looking on other forums they have packed up and disappeared. :(

  spuds 13:40 26 Jul 2005

Nothing showing at Companies House, but click here

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