Higher Speed ADSL

  tbh72 20:39 04 Mar 2003

For those people whom want a little more from the ADSL this company may well be worth a look....

click here

They are offering connections upto 4mbs - 79.99/month

2mbs - 39.99 / month

1mbs - 29.99 / month (Twice as fast as BT, Freeserve etc....)

they also offer standard 512kbs @ 24.99 / month which makes them compititive as most on standard ADSL.

If anyone does apply & use there services I would be interested to hear your thought's, I have now had ADSL for 11 month's...... I can now start shopping around hehehe

  he he :-) 20:59 04 Mar 2003

how do they do that then?

  crx16 21:12 04 Mar 2003

im with Freeserve BB currently,and for an extra £2 a month i could have 1Mbps off peak.Im tempted.

anyone know of 'Bulldog'.?

  crx16 23:36 04 Mar 2003

"Available only on Bulldog's network in Central London" i missed that bit,nevermind.

  powerless 23:37 04 Mar 2003

Whats with the time limit between the hours of blah blah?

  powerless 23:40 04 Mar 2003

"...50:1 contention ratio over Bulldog's network"

Ouch! Me thinks that could be a problem down there in London.

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