High resolution video streaming services for 1MB

  TheFugitive276 21:29 17 Oct 2004

I subscribe to Movieflix.com & am impressed with the selection available for streaming & very low price. However, the image quality is disappointing when viewed on my eighteen year old 27 inch TV. Is anyone aware of a high picture quality video streaming service providing family viewing?

click here do this type of service. They have a special offer running till end of October I think, £35 a month for a 2mbit service and telly.

However, they only offer this service in parts of London. My experience of it thus far has been that the internet side speeds are highly variable and very unreliable, though when the speeds are as they should be, it's kind of nice.

Not very good for gaming I don't think as you need constant low and reliable pinging.

  TheFugitive276 00:18 18 Oct 2004

Thank you Mr Spook Tooth,

I live near Manchester, the area does not have cable & at the moment, 1MB is the fastest speed my BT line will conduct. Your information is interesting and who knows what the future may hold for expansion of such services.

Once again thank you for the reply.

No problem.

Homechoice are rapidly expanding and I think they have plans to extend their service outside of London, as their rivals Bulldog are in the process of doing.

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