High capacity Mp3 player

  Anator11 22:24 12 Feb 2004

Yes you guessed it, im considering buying a 10gb ipod - i was just wondering if anyone can find anywhere i can get one for under £200?

I may also consider another mp3 player as long as it is under £200 and has above 5gb of storage - i want to be fairly good looking tho hence why im looking at ipods :P

  Tim1964 23:00 12 Feb 2004

Here's a couple of price comparison sites

click here

click here=

Happy shopping

  -Beb- 23:04 12 Feb 2004

I got the 15gb ipod 6months ago for £330 with 4 years warranty. Be careful as their batteries are known to die in about a year if you use it a lot and replacement is VERY expensive. Additionally, the models above 10gb come with extras such as a case and a base station (and i think there's something else but im not sure)

  Anator11 09:40 23 Feb 2004

so far currys is the cheapest place ive found the 10gb ipod, has anyone got opinions on the jukebox zen - only comments i have heard are that of 'big' and 'ugly

  thisisnighthawk 10:13 23 Feb 2004

I am waiting for my iriver mp3 player to arrive, but for a few road tests have a look here.

click here

  Jester2K 11:10 23 Feb 2004
  tomleady 11:42 23 Feb 2004

the I-River looks boss and i'm saving my pennies to get one. cant wait. but it doesnt look as 'sexy' as the iPod.

  rickf 11:44 23 Feb 2004
  Jester2K 11:55 23 Feb 2004

Looks won't helkp in 18 months when you need to cough up for a new iPod battery... click here

I bought a Nomad JUkebox (brand new) for under £300 on EBAY and it is a 60Gb version. I am very happy with it. It stores 16,000 MP3 tracks (who could want more?) but is also fab for other data and as a portable HD.

I'm sure you could get a better price than this - but it had been specially upgraded by Avantech in the States.

  GibsonSt19 17:40 23 Feb 2004

As I have an idea where to get these from for a great price (fully legit of course!!!)

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