High Book Prices on Amazon

  griffon56 11:32 29 Nov 2017

Hi Everybody,

Can anyone tell me why the price of a cheap £7.99 paperback, a copy of which I had previously bought, was shown on Amazon sellers' purchase pages from £35.52 to £671.92 to £891.93. Is it something to do with maintaining a presence on Amazon when you're out of stock? Perhaps you can't be seen if you've no stock and pricing the way they do prevents anybody from buying while keeping your shop visible? Is that it and if it is, how is it overcome, please?

  alanrwood 11:46 29 Nov 2017

You are correct. It happens a lot. Also on eBay.

  griffon56 17:06 29 Nov 2017

Any suggestion as to what can be done about it, please?

  alanrwood 18:45 29 Nov 2017

Nothing can be done. It is far better that sellers increase the price to an incredibly high price to prevent people buying than to leave the price and receive orders for items that are out of stock. No body in their right mind is going to order va £8 paperback at several hundred pounds and it saves the seller from having to reload the complete set of details when new stock arrives. To me it is a sensible option.

  griffon56 15:14 30 Nov 2017

Thanks Alanrwood, now that you've explained it it does seem logical but at first meeting with it anybody not being in online trade would not think that such a device would be used, especially as everything about the point of sale looked normal and had all the usual info in it. Not knowing the dodge it isn't one's first instinct to think that it is other than genuine. Regards, Rog

  Old Deuteronomy 15:46 30 Nov 2017

Any suggestion as to what can be done about it, please?

Just shop around, there's loads of respectable book sellers online.

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