Damesy 19:09 14 Jan 2005

I refer to your recommended best buy budget PC, reviewed I think in either your Jan or Feb publication of PC Advisor. The Mesh Matrix 64 3500+ BPC.
Having considered various systems to purchase I have placed an order with Mesh for that system, I do have some concern with reference to the TFT Monitor that will be supplied. I have e-mailed Mesh requesting confirmation of the Monitor that I will be receiving, due to there information only stating a 19" TFT Monitor... i.e Not the manufacturer.

Within the body of your review the system was provided with a Sony SDM-S94B 19" Monitor, this has been mentioned within the e-mail that I have sent to Mesh. I may also add that they have already taken full payment for the system, even though they have not answered my e-mail query, I have been informed that the dispatch date of the system will be 25/01/05.

I expect that I will be receiving the Sony Monitor, and if not an equivalent or better ! If Mesh are intending not to send the Sony Monitor they have not been fair to yourselves in supplying possibly a better monitor than one that they may actually supply to their customers !

Can anyone clarify ??????

  wags 19:33 14 Jan 2005

Dare I say it, but have you telephoned Mesh (?), as I doubt any forum members will be able to answer this one !

  spuds 20:10 14 Jan 2005

Send an email to [email protected] You should get a favourable response.

  phil 20:13 14 Jan 2005

My Mesh 3200 that I had in November came with an absolutely superb Viewsonic VG910b 19in tft monitor.

The monitor was the main reason why I bought the system:

3200 XP 64 bit
200g hd
516 mb
19in tft
dvd + cd rw
5.1 speakers
Card reader
Nvidia 128 graphics. £920.

The monitor alone was £320 on Kelkoo etc.

Phone them up and ask them. That's what I did to find out what monitor was supplied.

They told me, I ordered.

  jack 20:41 14 Jan 2005

I dare say that Sellers do not I/D actual monitor brands because they buy what they can from whom they can at lowest prices.
Moreover I suspect there are but a few TFT makers,
rather more screen 'assemblers' and a proliferation of 'Brand' lables.

My Hansol has a a Samsung 'Wise View' sticker on it
what does that signify?

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:30 14 Jan 2005

It tells you that the LCD panel in your monitor is a Samsung Wise View.

  Peter-202202 01:03 15 Jan 2005

Phoned them a couple of times regarding the 19" monitors outlined in their ads...always been given the above as the manu/model i think

  jack 09:25 15 Jan 2005

Exactly !
As I said a particular TFT or CRT if you will, is an assemblage of bits from components manufacturers.

Strictly speaking a reviewer of products [any item] is only commenting on the specimen in front of him.

Witness the review of 'Photo Printers' in Feb PCA
the Epson R300 was a dissappointment- contrary to the general opinion of users on these forums.
Therefore a particular 'Brand' recommend ation can only only be subjective to the one item.

That is not to say experienced reviews cannot spot a dummy - but all has to be taken into account.
See the item you would like in action and take that one - not the one in the box from uder the counter- Not easy when buying mailorder from a box shifter.

  Stuartli 09:54 15 Jan 2005

The Mesh I obtained just over a year ago on behalf of a friend came with a superb Sharp 17in TFT.

  MESH Support 13:48 15 Jan 2005

The main monitors we sell are Sony and Viewsonic at this time with occasional other brands depending on supply.

The Viewsonic monitor is actually in higher demand over the Sony but if you specifically want the Sony, drop me a line at [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number along with your screen-name and I will ensure you are down for that manufacturer.


Mesh Support

  SURVEY 20:30 15 Jan 2005

Stuartli - My Mesh 3500 came with the Sahrp 17" screen. This gives a very sharp image but I have noticed that on certain colour backgrounds (particularly the gray/blue of this forum) I can detect slight almost horizontal lines approx 6mm apart. Mesh referred me directly to Sharp and I was told this should not be the case. Promptly Sharp sent a replacement and that is exactly the same so I just wonder if in fact this is a characteristic of this screen. It is not really a nuisance but I just wonder if you ro any other forum member has noticed the same thing.

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