Hi-Grade laptop warranty

  [DELETED] 15:53 02 Dec 2003

My 11 month old Hi-Grade Notino stopped working, I returned it to them and they say the power socket needs replacing, but it can't so I need a new motherboard.
They say the fault is accidental due to misuse - how can plugging the power cable in and taking it out be misuse?
They want £595 to replace the motherboard - this is ridiculous!

Any advice would be greatfully received!

(I'm still paying for the laptop, had to get it from a mail order catalogue as thats the only way I could afford it because I'm on benefits).

  [DELETED] 17:16 02 Dec 2003

Your contract is with the mail order catalogue who sold you the item and not with Hi-grade.

You should therefore:
1. Contact them immediately, and make clear that you expect them to put matters right under the Sale of Goods Act.

2. If you are, as I assume, still making payments to the catalogue for the laptop you may want to make this clear when you contact them.

3. If the catalogue still maintains misuse make clear that you will require that the laptop is made available for an inspection by a computer engineer who will check what has caused the failure. If you have not caused damage then the catalogue will have to pay for both the repair and the cost of the inspection.

It is vitally important that you deal not with the manufacturer, who has no contract with you and so is not covered by the Sale of Goods Act 1979, but with the seller who is. Act very quickly and if you phone initially make sure you confirm everything in writing.

  [DELETED] 12:36 03 Dec 2003

I'm waiting to hear from the catalogue company as it seems it is impossible to contact their customer care dept. directly myself.

  [DELETED] 13:18 03 Dec 2003

Fax a letter to the catalogue company and post the original to them ASAP.

Unfortunately waiting for people to contact you can make things drag out.

For this reason you should in the above letter give definite deadlines for contact to be made and make clear that if contact is not made you will be forced to take matters further.

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