HI Fi with audio cassette

  snooker 12:23 12 Nov 2007

Can anyone suggest a DAB radio with CD player and audio cassette player/recorder.

Less than £150.00 if possible.

  amonra 14:20 12 Nov 2007

Anything with a cassette player is becoming impossible to find. Suggest you concentrate on a decent DAB plus CD and find an old cassette deck to plug in as aux.

  wee eddie 14:25 12 Nov 2007

but you will not get HiFi with DAB.

You'll get a lovely clear signal but at the expense of the quality of reproduction. Still with a small Radio, I suppose that that is not really an issue.

  mole44 17:16 12 Nov 2007

i have a Pure DMX-50,it records to an sd card.like has been said before the sound quality of DAB is all down to the bit rate of the station,less bit rate poorer sound quality.

  wjrt 17:49 12 Nov 2007
  aquatarkus 17:56 12 Nov 2007

at last someone else who has actually listened to DAB broadcasts and has found all is not its cracked up to be.
Nice to have a choice of different radio stations instead of all the generic ones (Capital, Heart et-al)but Hi-Fi no way, but still the masses will blindly follow.

  Stuartli 11:51 13 Nov 2007

To find out just exactly what quality levels DAB provides (as against, for instance, Freeview radio stations), see:

click here

  snooker 20:32 13 Nov 2007

Thanks to all of you.

You've given me food for thought and some reading to do.

  Joe R 20:52 13 Nov 2007


here's one for you. click here

  snooker 18:35 14 Nov 2007

Cheers Joe R!

  GaT7 16:07 15 Nov 2007

The same system Joe R suggested is only £49 at Comet click here. G

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