Hi, Computer upgrade advice please

  troyalton 22:37 03 Nov 2014

Hi, i have this pc click here I want to upgrade it but i dont know what to upgrade. I want better fps on my games. The games i play are modded minecraft, dayz, 7 days to die, games simlar to this. Im getting bigger memory for sure but im not sure what graphic card to get and if my power will suport it. I would be grateful if you could give me advice to what to improve and links, prefly amazon. Thanks in advance, Troy

  Bris 19:55 07 Nov 2014

The obvious upgrade would be the graphics card see here

The PC spec does not say what power supply is fitted so you may need to consider replacing the existing one if you are beefing up the graphics.

A PSU of 500 watts of a recognised brand would be a minimum and you also need to check whether it has a connector for a graphics card as the card you choose may have a separate power connector, most gaming cards do.

  Bris 19:58 07 Nov 2014

PCA has some reviews here

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