xxtimbo 13:42 20 Nov 2005

i bought a panasonic dvd on one tv satellite channel for £210
when watching tv the screen sometimes
turns blue
this might only last for a few seconds
at other times interference as in lines
etc flash onto the screen
so theres something wrong
I e mailed panasonic
they said take it to a shop that is
connected with them for repair
the shop is 25 miles away from me
I don t have a car

Its the first time I ve bought a big
item via satellite
I m feeling a bit stuffed
thanks for any advice

  Carbonara 14:05 20 Nov 2005

Sounds like you should be contacting the Satellite Channel for replacement or refund. Also you could contact your Credit Card company.

  €dstowe 14:14 20 Nov 2005

Satellite sales channels are very helpful when things go wrong. Contact them and I pretty sure they will sort you out (most likely with a new machine).

  xxtimbo 14:27 20 Nov 2005

the satellite co I phoned it today
the voice said customer services is on a diff number and only open week days

I know what they ll say any way
they ll say they are only a sales
company and I should contact panasonic

my beef is that panasonic have told me
to take the machine to a shop that is
25 miles away

I don t have transport and I dont see
why I should make a round trip of 50 miles anyway

as I say this is the first time I ve made a big purchase with a satellite co

ie instead of the local Comet or Curries

the machine has gone wrong
and I m feeling a little hung out to dry

  €dstowe 14:43 20 Nov 2005

At least give the satellite company a chance.

OK, they may only work Monday to Friday - most other people do.

Also, involve the credit card company as well, like Carbonara says. They have a lot of influence in all things credit related.

  spuds 16:52 20 Nov 2005

Doesn't the invoice or sales literature contain any information about warranty claims or customer services.

I purchased an item from QVS,and it was a simple case of collection and replacement when I reported a fault in the product.

  Forum Editor 17:27 20 Nov 2005

was with the company who sold you the item, not with the manufacturer, and you must complain to the TV company first. Don't assume that you know what they'll say - they have to abide by the distance selling regulations just like any other supplier, and if the machine is faulty they are liable for the replacement or repair.

Contact the company and tell them about the fault. Do not take the machine to any shop at all - speak to your supplier before doing anything else.

  DieSse 17:39 20 Nov 2005

It might just be the Scart plugs are not fully plugged in, or a faulty Scart cable - check this first.

  xxtimbo 19:12 20 Nov 2005

No this fault is nt loose scart connection
the picture is ok for maybe 30 mins
then it will suddenly turn blue
with a kind of photo negative effect
If I m recording at the time the blue
will be on the recording too
There must be some fundamental fault
maybe with the internal tuner or something

its only 2 months old

I ve been e mailing panasonic up to the present
I think I ll write a letter and
demand that they replace the machine or
pick it up from me
why should I be forced to make a 50
mile journey to take it for repair?
I thought Panasonic was about No 2
in the quality league after sony
But I suppose even Panasonic machines
can be faulty.

  €dstowe 19:15 20 Nov 2005

Read the reply from the Forum Editor. Your Contract is with the seller, not the manufacturer.

  Bingalau 12:42 22 Nov 2005

A bit of advice too ...Don't demand anything..It only gets peoples "backs up" resulting in delays etc. which wouldn't happen if you are pleasant to people...Bingalau

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