Hewlett-Packard support - the 'Hewlett-Pillocks'

  William Downey 13:24 22 May 2008

Well, I've been in contact with HP support since Monday with a support call on my Photosmart C3180. I've been escalated, and escalated, and escalated some more, but today they took the final straw. I was told when the woman rang me this morning that my printer would be replaced because they cannot see what the problem is. I was pleased because this was the end of the expensive process of recieving HP support. I've just now had a phone call saying I will not be recieving a new printer, and the case was still under investigation by technicians.

Surely there's something I can do about this, whether I complain to the head of HP support, I am NOT happy. They haven't even offered an apology - I just keep being escalated up and up; it makes me wonder how far they'll escalate, to God, perhaps? Maybe something will get done there.

Has anyone else had any problems with HP support, and how did they solve them?



  beeuuem 13:38 22 May 2008

Has anyone else had any problems with HP support, and how did they solve them?
I had a problem with a 13 month old all-in-one. HP response was that the machine was out of warranty - get lost. They did offer to supply a reconditioned one at 50% more than the orginal cost.
I scrapped the HP, bought from Canon and lived happily ever after.

  William Downey 13:41 22 May 2008

I'm tempted to call HP, tell them to close the case, throw the printer in the box, put it in the loft and buy a Canon - all depends on whether I can be bothered dealing with HP for much longer...

  Horik 13:45 22 May 2008

We've had constant problems with HP products and services at work.

Unfortunately, our organization has an "arrangement" with them for supply and maintainance of IT equipment (through PC World apparently), so we're stuck with them.

For the record, I've found their products and customer service to be terrible in the workplace.

However, I've had a HP PSC at home for 4 years and have only ever had one problem with it, which was resolved very quickly by their tech department.

*shrugs* - go figure.

  William Downey 13:59 22 May 2008

I'm on Vista, by the way - I've heard this printer is 100% incompatible, although the box says it is, but HP won't admit that and refund...

  J B 20:01 22 May 2008

I have a Photosmart C3180 printer and I run it with Vista. The software that came with the printer is not compatible with Vista, mind you I bought the printer well before I had Vista. Anyway I digress, I went to the HP download site for drivers and downloaded them. I had a problem with the printer in that the software kept wanting to re-install but that was due to a faulty USB cable. The cable was replaced and have had no problems since. I downloaded the software from here in case you are interested click here


  William Downey 20:07 22 May 2008

With one of the 10 HP Support 'technicians' I spoke to, we did a 'System Scrub' and reinstalled from the website. It didn't work at all! HP are adamant it's a software error that's causing this.

Thanks anyway!


  J B 20:09 22 May 2008

Thats ok. J.B.

  Kaacee 20:13 22 May 2008

I had the same problem with my HP all-in one as beeuuem, there retort was buy another at nearly half the price again as the original or get lost.

So i did, bought one from Dell and have had no problem whatsoever. HP service is non existant in my humble opinion.

  William Downey 19:42 23 May 2008

Finally got through to someone today, the head of Technical Services in Newcastle, rather than someone in South Africa... I was told it would be sorted by 6:00 today; was it? No.

I was told to wait until 6:00 on Tuesday, but knowing my luck, nothing will be done then either.

I'm sooooo tempted to contact the BBC Watchdog....


  Mark v1.9.66 22:55 09 Jun 2008

I too have found HP support worse than useless. You can't even e-mail them in the UK. Their US based "Total(couldn't)Care(less)" techs claim that they cannot help directly, or even know their own export specs. All they do is say they've escalated the issue to the UK, who do nothing. I informed them I was disabled, currently housebound, and heavily reliant on my PC, (which is suffering monitor black outs as a result of HP's admitted design fault: see the thread "HP owners beware"). They promised me that HP (UK) would contact me within 1 working day. 8 working days, and many e-mails to the US based support, later, and I've heard nothing from the UK at all. In fact, the US people now say I have to phone the UK reps on an 0870 number, (charging 33% more than a national call) in order to get anything done. My PC lasted just 16 months before breaking down, despite having installed HP's BIOS "fix" 4 months earlier when it was first released. HP were in denial about the problem for ages before finally admitting liability. In the circumstances, and seeing as the fault was present from new, I'm seriously considering demanding a full refund in the small claims court under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as Amended), because the goods were "unfit for purpose" under the terms of the act. I've used this legislation successfully before against a double glazing firm. (You can find pamphlets on how to claim at law centers and Citizens' Advice bureaus). It was extremely satisfying to embarrass an ill prepared barrister in court. Unfortunately, HP seem not to respond as a matter of policy to any other argument. By all means inform Watchdog etc of your experience with HP. They might get the message eventually if publicly humiliated on TV!

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