He's 91 and wants a computer!

  v1asco 22:29 09 Jan 2006

Thats what Dad says. Mams been taken to a nursing home and he isn't as active as usual, though still growing Runner Beans, Best ever!!!

Basically, cheapest package with best surfing package.Laptop more convenient although I can give him screen/keyboard/mouse if a tower seems best.

He has very active mind and needs a diversion as naturally he's feeling lonely.

All suggestions welcomed

Ta Taffy

  Stuartli 00:28 10 Jan 2006

We have a friend who, at the age of 98, was talking about going to college to learn about IT.

He celebrated his 100th birthday last November and is easily taken for someone in his mid 60s.

He's far more "with it" than people half his age, looks after himself (although his kids - all in their late 60s) visit regularly, does painting and decorating, programmes his VCRs and Freeview boxes (yes that is plural) and is, quite frankly, amazing.

He certainly has "all his marbles" in full action and would have had no problem in learning to use a computer if he had gone ahead.

  Stuartli 00:32 10 Jan 2006

It's no secret in the forums that I obtained a Mesh system nearly three years ago for an 81-year-old friend.

She took to it like a duck to water, updates all security aspects regularly, keeps up to date with friends and charity organisations' activities online and even got broadband six months before me because no one could get hold of her on the phone...:-)

  spuds 09:57 10 Jan 2006

A visit to the local PC World or Dell advertisement could be the answer. Seems as though there are some good starter packages at around £399.00 including XP Home installed.

  v1asco 09:01 11 Jan 2006

I'll peruse and see what, if anything, he decides.

  AngeTheHippy 17:52 11 Jan 2006

Wow, just read your post...BRILLIANT!! Made my day. What a Dad to have! More power to him, hope he gets what he wants, good luck to all of ya!!


  wee eddie 21:19 11 Jan 2006

Don't want to bring on an heart attack

  Taff™ 01:47 13 Jan 2006

I wish my parents would be half so adventurous - they`ve done the courses as "Silver Surfers" but don`t want their own computer! I`d give your Dad one for free but he would probably be able to rebuild mine by the end of the week! Good luck to him!

  Diemmess 14:55 13 Jan 2006

When first moved into the sticks in 1958, I boggled at seeing an advert in the local weekly. I swear it went like this:-
"Television set no picture, suit blind person or pensioner £15"

I'm glad I'm not related to that advertiser.

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