Here we go again

  spuds 00:35 06 Aug 2004

The computer companies are losing thousands of pounds, and the IT professionals are under constant strain in servicing the industry.Why is it that some companies can offer a first rate service and other companies regard their money paying customers as that of a intolerable pest.Look at the build and prices advertised and quoted, seem to fair in a similar way by most manufacturers. But the big difference seems to be on the final choice of who will give the help when needed, and at what extra price.

I know of one company, whose service engineers
use to mark their report cards with certain abreviated remarks. One main remark that was used on to many occasions: TIITC= The idiot in the chair [the customer].This same customer provided,some of the funds which helped to pay for, and establish the company. Without him the service engineer may not have had employment, irrespect of what qualifications he may hold.

Perhaps the local computer shop, as more that its advantages. At least, there is usually someone there who will listen and perhaps offer advice when needed. [Rant over]

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