Hercules Classic 5.1 speakers at £7.61

  rickf 20:36 27 Dec 2003

Thought people might want to know. These systems have received v.gd. reviews from users. On site at Ebuyer on 10days order. Have just ordered a set.

be interesting to see if they do accept the order....

  rev.bem 23:05 27 Dec 2003

They accepted my order for an LG 52x24x52x16 cdrw/dvd combo for £11.48+vat and postage,credit card has been charged and delivery is down for 05/01/04 so good luck.

  Jester2K 23:07 27 Dec 2003

Got any links to these great deals people???

  rev.bem 23:12 27 Dec 2003

Here's the speakers

click here

Unfortunatley about 5 mins after i ordered the cdrw combo the price went up to £47.00.

  kev.Ifty 23:24 27 Dec 2003

Umax Astra 650 3.3MP £77.50 inc VAT

click here
THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.. Has anybody really got one and is it any good???

  rev.bem 23:31 27 Dec 2003

A work collegue bought two at xmas (one for self one for prezzie)says it's the dogs danglies.

  kev.Ifty 01:10 28 Dec 2003

cheers mate..just find it toogood to be true.
But i'll take your word my friend!

  rickf 09:00 28 Dec 2003

Ebuyer occasionally has very good deals. I am just hoping the speakers will come into stock as they say in 10days.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:23 28 Dec 2003

The Umax camera is a good entry camera and sells for about the same price elsewhere. The flash is not very good and will only illuminate about 6 feet clearly, but the camera tskes good shots in bright conditions. I think it is a re-badged Chinese/Taiwanese camera and has a fixed focus and auto-exposure.

It is not blessed with many controls, which can be a blessing or curse and being a rather small/light camera, can be a bit difficult to use without a tripod. There is no optical viewfinder, so shooting in low light can be a pig. It only has a USB 1.1 connection but that should not be a problem. The zoom is only digital with no optical choice.

Although they claim a 6.6mp interpolation I would forget about that as there will be no visible difference to the 3.3mp output. All-in-all it has reasonable quality (shadow detail is a bit murky as are highlights)and a good entry camera, at about £10 cheaper than elsewhere. It is not the sturdiest camera that is around but should last for some time.


ps...ordered the speakers at £14.70 inc delivery ;-)))))))


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:24 28 Dec 2003

click here speakers are now £8.24.


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