Helpline support: credit where it's due

  Senile Syd 17:20 17 Dec 2004

Contrary to the impression gained from reading other recent threads in this forum, the process of communicating with overseas-based helpline staff isn't always difficult and frustrating.

Yesterday I e-mailed Hewlett-Packard's support service because a driver update had apparently gone pear-shaped. My e-mail was answered in less than an hour by someone who recognised the problem immediately and knew exactly how to solve it.

This helpful person, who had an Asian name, was polite, friendly, efficient and well-informed; he/she also gave me clear instructions written in grammatically correct English of the kind wot ain't taught in British skules no more — know wot I mean, bro?

I have no idea what part of the world HP's e-mail support operates from, but the above leads me to suspect that their service is not based in this country.

In another place I've had a great deal to say about organisations that export jobs in pursuit of increased profits — but when I compare yesterday's experience with the appalling standard of service too often provided by certain domestic helplines, I feel I'd better shut up.

So — credit where it's due. Well done HP. I trust you pay 'em what they're worth.

  Sir Radfordin 17:31 17 Dec 2004

Perhaps this shows one of the advantages of email? I've spent ages on the phone to support lines to people who didn't speak very good English and go nowhere. It has nothing to do with race, or where the person lives, just the fact I can't understand a word of what they are saying. If all the staff on helplines spoke something closer to the queens english the call times would no doubt be cut in half as everything wouldn't need to be repeated several times over!

  freaky 21:37 17 Dec 2004

This is what I do not understand about most Computer suppliers, they are at the cutting edge of IT yet their customer support mostly relies on the telephone, what a parody!!!

I think that provided the computer user is capable of explaining his/her problems in text, and the technician also, then it would be very beneficial all round!!

  jakimo 22:26 20 Dec 2004

Like Sir Radfordin I have recently experienced the joy of speaking to helpline operatives abroad,all three had little command of the english language so my problem could not be resolved,but I still had to pay the £8.50 helpline charge

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