oban66 13:45 07 Aug 2014

Hi there I had a HP Pavillion bought in 2009. It has completely died and have been advised it was the motherboard. I have to get a new one and am really confused as to what to get. My main tasks are using HD video and photos in Windows Movie Maker and then using DVD Maker to burn my movies. I believe that Windows 8 does not come with either of these so am at a loss really. I have been told to get a gaming laptop so it can cope with the photo and video work easily. At this point I am looking at HP Pavillions again. I can't afford more than £500. I don't care how heavy it is or looking for travelling with it... it will stay at home. Have I given enough information. If anyone is willing to help I would appreciate it very much.

  chub_tor 16:56 07 Aug 2014

The best advice I can give is for you to read this review of the Best Budget Laptops under £600 by PCA. There are plenty of free programs similar to Movie Maker and DVD Maker that you can download. I would open your options to include laptops other than HP, they do not have the best reputation for reliability. You should also consider Toshiba and Asus. When you have found your ideal machine have a Google check for reviews and see what others say about it. Personally I am a Toshiba fan, but I also like Samsung and Asus.

  hastelloy 08:16 08 Aug 2014

If you don't need it to be mobile get a desktop. You'd get more for your money - easier to upgrade and/or repair.

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