Help selecting a new laptop to replace my dead one

  MartinDaine 10:46 12 Sep 2015

I find the choice of laptops overwhelming so am hoping for your help please. Primary use will be email, internet, small spreadsheets (home accounts), iTunes and document access (is PDF). It won't be used for gaming. I do want to be able to access my NAS drive where I have my thousands of photographs stored. Most important features would be good 15" screen and fast internet access. Looking to spend £350. That's the challenge, who can help?

  wee eddie 19:11 12 Sep 2015

Good screen and £350 are a very rare combination.

  wee eddie 19:15 12 Sep 2015

The speed of your Internet access depends entirely on the contract you have with your ISP and the method you use of connecting to it

  Jollyjohn 19:38 12 Sep 2015

Go to your local PC World and play on all the laptops they have set out. When you see one you like, in terms of screen size, keyboard feel and price, go home and order it on line. Resist the offers of Norton , office 365 etc... and you could get an Acer for about £289 running W8.1

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