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  Harriman7 02:48 03 Mar 2013

Hi I purchased a data video PTC 100 IP camera after I saw it on an exhibition and its features. However on the day the contractor came to install in, I notice that the quality resolution of the new camera does not correspond with my already owned Sony Z7 handheld cameras? I immediately express my dissatisfaction and told the dealer that I don't want it any more (I have already paid him) but he is refusing to accept it back claiming that that's not what we agreed in the beginning and also that because its being fitted to the ceiling, it automatically makes it second hand value. And it not even up to 2 days it was fitted that I express my dissatisfaction. I wish to get my money back but he is refusing to take back to his camera. What do I do as this is beginning to escalate out of hand

  morddwyd 07:58 03 Mar 2013

Unless you were told it had a certain resolution, and now you find it doesn't I don't think you have much chance legally, though you may get some goodwill.

The view will be that you should have checked the specification, including the resolution, before you signed the contract.

  Harriman7 08:05 03 Mar 2013

There was no contract signed. I just bought it and the came to fix it. I haven't finished paying for it. Is there stil a chance for me

  Harriman7 08:10 03 Mar 2013

Besides I was told it works perfectly well with composite cable as I only saw the display using HDMI cables hence I ordered for it. But using composite cable after purchase, I found out that it was not really compatible with the cameras that I have. Of with I raised this question during the exhibition and I was told that it is compatible. So what should I do. How do I draft an e- mail to them stating my legal stand?

  wiz-king 09:04 03 Mar 2013

Caveat emptor As you had a chance to see the camera and come away with the brochures - you did take one didn't you? - then if you paid at the time you are reliant on the goodwill of the seller.

If you paid by credit card and had it shipped to you then you could try a claim under Sec 75, but it sounds as if you wont be able to use this.

  alanrwood 10:41 03 Mar 2013

If you are trying to get HDMI quality using Composite cables then no wonder the definition is not as good. I doubt that you will get anywhere with this if it meets the spec in the leaflet/handbook that you had access to before purchase and were viewing it in HD at the show. Maybe I am wrong in my understanding of your situation but that is how I see it from your posts.

  Harriman7 18:04 03 Mar 2013

I am trying to get composite quality to sync with my other cameras which was what I was told and assured by the seller at the exhibition. But now the dealer want me to by other accessories to achieve this of which cost more money and I don't have the extra money.

  john bunyan 18:13 03 Mar 2013

The thing is, is the camera as specified in the brochure? If it is then the "goods" are of satisfactory quality and the seller does not have to replace them. If not, you have a case under the sale of goods Act that the "goods" are not satisfactory. May be worth having a word with your local Trading Standards.

  Forum Editor 13:09 04 Mar 2013

This is a difficult situation.

You saw the camera working at an exhibition, and you bought it on the strength of what you saw, and on what you were told when you ordered it.

If you were specifically told that you would achieve the same resolution with a composite cable as the resolution you saw at the exhibition with an HDMI cable you have a case, but frankly I find it hard to believe that anyone with any knowledge would make that claim.

Telling you that the camera would work with composite cable is different - it does work, so you would have no claim. You ordered the camera, and the contractor has supplied it.

  Harriman7 16:01 04 Mar 2013

@forum editor, I'm not expecting to achieve the same resolution of an HDMI cable using my composite cable. What aim expecting to achieve is the same resolution of a composite cable from my Sony Z7 camera to be the same resolution with the PTC 100 also using a composite cable so that when vision mixing, I can cut between shot without it being obvious that one camera look poor and the other is sharp (the one being sharp is my Sony z7 ). And I did make this know before purchase and I was told that it would be exactly the same during mixing

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