Help in the purchase of a laptop

  LarryDavid79 00:11 21 Aug 2010

Hi All

First of all I would like to inform you that I am not great when it comes to laptop specs so please be kind.

I am currently looking for a new laptop for home use, writing, surfing the web and also some gaming. I wouldnt really like to go above £600 although there seems to be plenty to choose from. When starting to look I quickly realise I was way out of my depth when looking into different specs which has brought me here for youre help.

When I first started looking I did notice the Sony Vaio CW series(VPCCW1S1E)which had some really great reviews and had a good spec from what I could tell. People were saying they got it at a good price too (£600-ish) in 2009. However when looking for this laptop online at Amazon etc I couldnt seem to find that model (is it now an old model maybe?) and I quicking found that there were lots of different Sony Vaio's ranging from all kinds of prices and I just didnt know what spec was the best for the price. I have to say the Sony Vaio's do look really good but I have no idea which one I would choose if Sony was what I opted for, plus I didnt just want to go for the cheapest as I really want a good laptop not just a cheap one. Are Sony laptops any good?

I know I dont give a preferred spec but that is because I just dont know what parts of the spec I should be looking for.

Anyway I would really be thankful if anyone could take the time to help me in my quest and if I can give more info please just ask.

Kind Regards

  birdface 09:52 21 Aug 2010

Sorry I can't help but if you say what you are going to use it for I am sure that someone will be able to help.
Playing Games watching Videos downloading music.Photos etc.
Just a general description and it will give others an idea as to what you are looking for.

  LarryDavid79 11:20 21 Aug 2010

Thanks for you're input.
I'm a writer therefore will have to store scripts and use a couple of databases but for storing I do have a separate hardrive so I guess it does have to have a huge memory. I will all use it for surfing the web in general. In terms of downloading music etc. I use iTunes and get my music and videos from there. I do have a new camera which I would like to be able to upload and edit photos and video in order to then copy on to cd etc so it would have to be able to burn the videos and photos I've uploaded onto disc. I would also like to be able to play games on it however I do understand gaming on laptops can be hard on the graphics card so I'd like it to have a graphic card than cope. Although I'm not going to use it for playing high-end games I would like it to be able to deal with standard gaming. I have an xbox so it would be for some rts type games rather than anything else i guess. I'm again not well up on graphic cards so that was another area where I was lost when looking.

Hope this helps and again thanks.

  LarryDavid79 11:22 21 Aug 2010

I meant to say it doesn't have to have a huge memory! Sorry!

  The Kestrel 13:10 21 Aug 2010

The two Dell laptops at the right hand end of the list click here both have separate graphics cards and the new Intel i3 or i5 processors. They should be OK for your needs.

  ella33 13:37 21 Aug 2010

I wonder if a netbook might serve your purpose if you are mainly surfing and don't need a huge memory? Samsung is a good make (especially for battery life) but dell and hp are quite popular too. They are quite portable and a dongle can be used for internet connection, usb memory stick, if you do need memory.

  LarryDavid79 15:11 21 Aug 2010

Hi Guys

Thanks for you're help guys. Regarding the two different Dell laptops recommended. Is there a big difference between the intel i3 & i5 processors and would I notice the difference? Is the Dell laptop at £649 worth the extra £70? Also I think they both have the same 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD5470 Graphics Cards. Is this Graphic card a good choice?

Right im off to check out the Samsung & HP netbooks as recommend.

If you could let me know youre thoughts on the above that would be great.

  wee eddie 15:48 21 Aug 2010

if you want to play any Game produced after 2000.

  The Kestrel 16:16 21 Aug 2010

The i3 processor is dual core, whereas the i5 is quad core. The i5 processor is therefore quicker. Not being a gamer I cannot comment on how the graphics card would perform with games, but it would be fine for all your other uses.

  john bunyan 17:36 21 Aug 2010

I would strongly reccomend this Toshiba, which I bought at John Lewis with a 2 year guarantee.My local PC repairer likes Toshiba and Asus for ease of spares.
click here

  Simsy 19:45 21 Aug 2010

that you are a writer I assume that means you do a lot of writing, and so I'd strongly advise having a "test" of anything you might be considering. There is a huge variation in the quality and feel of laptop keyboards, and the touchpads. Some keyboards have numberpads for example....

If you don't intend plugging in a seperate USB keyboard that is... which is easily done.

Good luck,



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