Help with PC Upgrade please

  andyspeed3 20:50 23 Aug 2013

Hi everyone,

I've had my current pc for about 18 Months, and am thinking of upgrading. Here're the details of my current PC:

[B]CPU:[/B] i5 2500k [B]RAM:[/B] 8GB 1600mhz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance [B]Graphics card:[/B] Asus GTX 560ti [B]Motherboard:[/B] Asus P8Z68 v-pro GEN3 [B]Power supply: [/B]Corsair 850HX Pro Series [B]Case: [/B]Antec 902v3 [B]SSD: [/B]Crucial M4 (128GB) [B]Extra hard drive:[/B] Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB [B]DVD: [/B]2 x Sony DVD RW

[B]Monitor: [/B]Samsung SyncMaster BX2250 (21.5", 1080p screen, 2ms response time) [B]Monitor 2: [/B]Samsung 22" tv (21.5" 1080p screen) [B]Mouse:[/B] Logitech Performance MX [B]Keyboard:[/B] Logitech K350

As far as I can see and know, keyboard, mouse, screens, DVD drive, case power supply and hard drives don't really have an upgrade path, but I'd be grateful for feedback if you disagree?

As for CPU, graphics card and motherboard & RAM... I'd be really welcome on a good upgrade path. Not really got a budget in mind, but nothing over £1000. I was thinking a Haswell i7, but didn't know if it would be better to wait for the Haswell E (X99) next year and a matching motherboard (again, ideas welcome).

As for graphics card I was thinking a GTX 770, but didn't know whether Gigabyte Asus would be a better bet and whether to go with a 2GB or 4GB version?

Thanks in advance!

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