Help a novice find a laptop for his wife.

  Willow12 13:38 20 Aug 2005

I need to buy a laptop for my wife for her birthday. Once we have it we need to be able to both be online at the same time so I assume I would need a wireless internet connection. Is this right?

Can somebody reccomend a good one to go for between say £700 and £900?

My wife would be using it mainly just to surf the net although I am sure the kids will want to play some games on it as well!

I apologise for being terribly vague in my requirements but have no idea as to what is good and what is not and even what I would need for us both to be online at the same time. To share an internet connection would I have to network the PCs together? If so I will probably need a link to a site as to how to do this.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:49 20 Aug 2005

Are you on ASDL broadband? If so, sharing the internet will be simple. All you need will be a router with built in modem.

How are you connected to the net?

Get her a centrino as that will make it easiest - these have an intel mobile chip and the necessary wireless antenna built in.

Take a look at the novatech range - good value machines:

Novatech Online Notebooks - Notebook Range Information
click here

Novatech Online Notebooks - Notebook Range Information
click here

Novatech Online Notebooks - Notebook Range Information
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 13:49 20 Aug 2005

PS the above link to three seperate noavtech pages.

  Willow12 13:52 20 Aug 2005

Yep I have a 1mb broadband connection to the internet.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:56 20 Aug 2005

Is it ASDL or cable? If cable things are a little different I think...

  Willow12 14:02 20 Aug 2005

ADSL broadband with Tesco!

A stupid question I know but on those links the only major difference on the first and 2nd ones was the inclusion of DVD writer or burner. What do people use these for? Is it just for copying DVDs illegally or burning an illegal downloaded DVD? I just cant think of a practical 'legal' use for them!

  Willow12 14:17 20 Aug 2005

What about this one? Would this be good for what I need and easy to set up? [url=click here]click here[/url]

  Willow12 14:20 20 Aug 2005

messed up the link. sorry

  Joe R 14:57 20 Aug 2005
  Forum Editor 15:12 20 Aug 2005

- or your wife does - you'll need to buy a wireless ADSL router/modem. I recommend a Netgear DG834G or something similar. I'm assuming the laptop will be Centrino-equipped, so you'll just need to buy a wireless network card for your computer.

You'll need to set the router up using an Ethernet cable (supplied with the router) connected to one or the other of your computers - it doesn't matter which one - via an Ethernet port. Once the setup is complete you can remove that cable, the machines will run the internet connection via their wireless adapters.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:12 20 Aug 2005

click here
PC World - D-LINK DSL-904 WIRELESS NETWORKING - Shop for cheap Wireless Routers & Accessories

If you use this (or similar) router, it can connect to your PC via a cable and to your wife's laptop wirelessly and you will not need to install a wireless card into your PC (unless you want to).

As for legal uses of a DVD, I use mine for backing up the system - I create a ghost image and burn it to CD.

Further, I download various linux distros and burn them to DVD.

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