Help needed selecting Virgin media package

  VNAM75 20:30 28 Apr 2008

I have 2mb broadband with V Media but when I'm downloading say 8 or more items on p2p my internet slows right down ie. pages take a lot longer to load and I can't watch youtube videos without a long delay. I'm sure this is to do with the downloads taking up most of the bandwidth and therefore causing Firefox to slow down. Does anyone have this problem and is 2mb not enough these days?

Am I right to think if I upgraded to 4mb I will have double the bandwidth to cover these tasks and will that be adequate? Does this have the similar effect of cpu and ram upgrades on general system performance?

What does the 4mb actually mean? Does it refer to capacity or speed? And is this measured/defined per minute etc?

What is the difference in performance between internet delivered through a telephone line and a fibre optic cable? Virgin and ntl always used to say their fibre optic cable is superior technology and speeeds aren't affected by how far you are away from a telephone exchange. But I have heard that fibre optic performance is dependent on how many people are online at any one time. So which is the better technology?

Finally, I'm trying to get the cheapest 4mb broadband plus the basic tv package from V media - can any one recommend which one to get? (It seems you have to take one of their phone packages to get a decent offer which I don't need).

  Horik 22:53 28 Apr 2008

Yup you're right, you can't take out just broadband and the basic tv package without the phone.

On the plus side though, you get the basic 40 channel tv package for free when taking out the phone deal, so you should theoretically get the phone with free weekend calls, basic tv (called M)and 4Mb (increasing to 10Mb soon) broadband for £27 a month, with the 1st 3 months for £19 (according to the latest offers on their website).

Always worth giving them a ring to see if they'll give you the exact package you're after, but don't hold ya breath; their website says "To start enjoying the Size: M [tv] package, you'll need to switch to a Virgin Phone service".

  [email protected] 00:06 29 Apr 2008

"Am I right to think if I upgraded to 4mb I will have double the bandwidth to cover these tasks"

Yes, that is exactly right.

4mbps means that you can achieve a transfer rate of 4 megabits of data per second (that is 512 kilobytes per second, double of what you get now).

As for fibre optic vs telephone wires, fibre optic is far superior. It is actually phone wires that are affected by the number of people using it at the same time, not fibre optic. I don't think there is any advantage at all in terms of performance in using telephone cables. The only reason other ISPs don't use fibre optic cables is the huge cost involved in laying them.

  birdface 09:17 29 Apr 2008

Virgin has put most of their packages back up to their original prices.2Mb £19 who in there right mind would pay that.See what they are going to offer as an existing customer if not happy with the price there is always Sky or plenty of others with far cheaper Broadband packages.

  polish 20:54 29 Apr 2008

i have the 4mb on the extra xl package in case you arent aware the 4mb will be upgraded to 10mb some time in the summer at no extra cost

  birdface 09:41 30 Apr 2008

Since we were on about Virgin.I thought that I would just add.I phoned them on Monday with problems connecting to the Internet.Engineer came out this morning and fixed it.Nice one Virgin.

  Terry Brown 09:53 30 Apr 2008

If you have a 12mm water pipe, you cannot expect to get the same volume as a 20mm pipe. It just cannot cope.
If you want a better demo, copy a large file from one folder to another, while that is copying copy another file, and another and look at the times required for transferring data.
Point made.

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