Help needed with buying Dell desktop

  bear73 16:24 09 Oct 2005


I would like to upgrade my desktop and am considering Dell as I have heard good things. My current pc is from Time and is 5 years old. It's Ok but the tower is huge and so is the massive and very deep monitor. I thought about just replacing the monitor with a flat screen one but thought I may aswell view Dell's deals.

The one thing I was surprised about is that their Dimession Desktops seem to be just the tower and do not include the montior or keyboard or mouse etc. Is this right? Should I be aware that there are lots of other things that I will need to "add on"?

I don't want to spend a huge amount. I don't do gaming on the pc and only use it for internet, email, general word/excel etc. The only thing is I do store photos but that's all. My hubby will probably be getting an ipod for xmas so not sure what that means in terms of storing/downloading music etc (never done this before).

Is there an easy way to work out total cost of a Dell pc online?


  bear73 16:47 09 Oct 2005


I just had a nother poke around the site and discovered the customise and buy part. This then told me that you do get a non flat screen monitor and mouse included.

They seem to have a good deal on the 5150 with 17" flat screen and 160Gb hard drive for £659.

Anyone used the pay in 12 months option?


  megapack 16:53 09 Oct 2005

If you are buying from the Dell Outlet store, then the monitor is extra. If it's the main Dell web site then the the montior, keyboard and mouse are all in the price.

I suggest you keep an eye out for Dell flyers in magazines etc and then check it on the web site. There are some good deals from time to time. I would also, once you have decided on the spec of the model you want, phone the dell order line. If your lucky you may get some more money off or have a years anti-virus thrown in.

  bear73 17:09 09 Oct 2005


Thanks for the reply. Do Dell tend to have big sales, i.e. in January? Hubby is saying I should wait for sales in Jan but Dell seem to have so many special offers anyway I'm not sure that I would get a better deal by waiting a few months.

He also says I should just buy a flat monitor and leave the rest as it still all works fine. Maybe he is right. I just wanted to update as what we have is old and outdated. Maybe just getting the monitor is the way to go, odds on the tower will go after that and we have no cover or anything.

Hmmm can't decide. Would love a new one though


  bremner 17:14 09 Oct 2005

There is never a good time to buy a computer - a sale/faster processor/bigger hard drive/sexier graphics card is always just around the corner.

Dell make excellent machines but also look at Mesh and Evesham - they tend to offer better VFM than Dell

  Diodorus Siculus 17:26 09 Oct 2005

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Here you will fnd all sorts of good Dell deals.

  spuds 21:27 09 Oct 2005

Register with Dell for their regular special offers newsletter.It is surprising how the same Dell computer system can have different prices depending on media advertisements or newsletter promotions.Regarding the 12 month finance option, read the terms and conditions very carefully. The impression is that the offer is similar to free interest charges over 12 months, but you will find that there is a final admin/handling fee to pay, which could knock the interest free theory on the head.

You will also find that Dell systems are very good value in standard build form, but upgrading and configuring different components can be expensive.

  wjrt 23:23 11 Oct 2005

5150 until tomorrow £419 downgradeto 1 year support and then 5% off at checkout seems good

  anskyber 11:02 12 Oct 2005

Heres your link! click here

  Funkypeace 14:40 20 Oct 2005

I've seen a £599 Dell system in their usual national adverts: "this week only" states the ad, but at the top it says offer ends 19.10.05, so I'm not sure how to take this...
Anyhow, the system is one of the best I've seen dell offer for a few months -

3gig P4, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB
250GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive
128 ATI Radeon X300SE graphics card
16X DVD burner
19" Value Flat panel
1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM

1 Year Collect and Return (CAR) service

I've wondered whether it's worth the extra £140 or so for an extra 2 years' warranty - any thoughts?

Anyhow, this strikes me as a really good buy if you've got about 600pounds to spend Bear - I'm almost sold, but my purse strings are tight at the moment since I've just returned to postgraduate study and I'm always prone to strive to find the very best deal - grr time consuming! I find the web site too time-consuming to fiddle one's way around and comparison shop - the national adverts are by far the best place to spot the bargains, but the weeks can end up slipping by and I need a PC now!

What's this about an extra 5% off at checkout WJRT?? - is this an extra internet discount? Worth knowing so to increase one's bargaining power if choosing to phone an order through.

Cheers all,


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:12 20 Oct 2005

'I've wondered whether it's worth the extra £140 or so for an extra 2 years' warranty - any thoughts?', forget it. Any problems (if there are any) will occur in the first year. Forget trying to bargain, they will not.


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