help my wife choose a wifi laptop

  sunny staines 15:54 28 Apr 2006

my wife wants a laptop to share the internet with the main pc on usb modem. Main use will be watching tv and streaming media video/radio over the internet. and connecting to the net when travelling.

1] what laptop would you recommend?

2]what a wifi router or modem do I need to share the connection?

3]will NORTON Internet Security 2005 cover wifi security?

4] last of all any links to setting up the shared internet & security would be welcome.

[new to wifi and shared connections]

  sunny staines 10:11 30 Apr 2006

getting a sony fs series laptop, new spec dual processor due out this week, comes norton installed.

been getting conflicting advice from various salesmen re a wifi router to replace my usb adsl modem.

like voyager was recommended but then told by another salesman they are only for bt internet customers. been recommended belkin by one by others say avoid anything belkin. and last of all one salesman advised linsky. Getting to a stage were salesmen in electrical stores cannot be trusted.

  sunny staines 10:21 30 Apr 2006

click here

This answers my question re routers & linsky is the one I will opt for.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:29 30 Apr 2006

"like voyager was recommended but then told by another salesman they are only for bt internet customers."

The salesman was misleading you.

  sunny staines 13:17 30 Apr 2006

Mr Mistoffelees

I enquired at pcworld and they assured me they were just for bt internet customes perhaps because they were out of stock.

thanks for the feedback Inow know to avoid one salesperson in my local pc world. It was the sony cenrtre that recommended the voyager2100.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:33 30 Apr 2006

I have a Voyager 2110 and it is just a matter of entering your username and password for your ISP, plus any other ISP specific settings.

  Charence 14:37 30 Apr 2006

You CAN keep your existing USB modem if you wish, but that'll mean that the laptop can only go online iff the computer connected to the USB modem is online. Getting a wireless router should solve this I think.

Norton will help the security of your laptop, wireless networks can also be encrypted which will also help the security. The manual for your wifi equipment should include instructions for making it secure.

For wifi enabled laptops click here

Take a look here for WiFi Routers click here
I would recommend the Belkin router, the Netgear router is also a good choice I think.

  sunny staines 19:48 30 Apr 2006

Mr Mistoffelees & Charence

thank for the feedback

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