Help! Monitor / tv refresh rate confusion

  mosesdad 16:59 19 Aug 2005

We bought an LG LCD TV ("LG L172WT - FLATRON - LCD TV - TFT - 17" - colour") for our son to use at university in place of a separate TV and monitor. We chose it having checked the specification on Amazon UK's site and ordered it on Sunday 26th June via their supplier: Mabtech. On delivery we found that the image quality was poor so re-checked the specification on LG's own site and discovered that LG show the response rate as 25ms whilst Amazon showed it to be 12 ms. As this was one of our key purchase determiners (our target was a response rate below 20ms) we wrote to LG asking which was correct. Their reply left me more confused: "Thank you for your email. The response time on the monitor is 12ms on grey to grey and 25ms on black to white. Yours Sincerely, LG".
Amazon initially agreed to look into our request for a refund but backed out when Mabtech referred them to an answer they had from LG confirming that the response rate was 12ms. Mabtech agreed with us that the website is confusing as it quotes both 25ms and 12ms however they have not offered a refund only promising to take it up with LG themselves. We are still waiting after another month. The image quality is actually worse than the 20 year old TV and the 4 year old monitor it was due to replace. It has remained boxed up since the day it arrived. Can anyone advise us if we have a reasonable case for a refund? If the response rate really is 12ms why is it so much poorer than the ancient TV it replaces? The cost of the LG model was £299. Thanks Mosesdad

  bfoc 22:21 19 Aug 2005

Whilst I am not clear from your post whether you bought the item from Amazon or Mabtech the following may help:

The review of this item available click here makes clear that:

1. The response time is 25ms and is therefore not suitable for games.

2. To get the best PC quality one should use a DVI connection.

3. To get the best TV picture the contrast and brightness have to be manually adjusted.

If where you purchased this item advertised it with a response time of 12ms and the 'real' response time is 25ms, as this review states then the item you have bought is not as described and can be rejected.

You have raised this matter and have not used the item, therefore it would be hard to argue that you have 'accepted' it.

I would write by recorded delivery to the retailer making these points, rejecting the item and asking for a refund. If you paid by credit card I would contact the card company enclosing a copy of the letter and asking for their assistance as they are jointly liable.

Of course under the distance selling regulations you could have returned the item within the first seven days anyway.

  DieSse 22:29 19 Aug 2005

"If where you purchased this item advertised it with a response time of 12ms and the 'real' response time is 25ms, as this review states then the item you have bought is not as described and can be rejected."

There is no "real" response time with LCDs - there are a number of ways of measuring it and no agreed standard click here

  bfoc 09:43 20 Aug 2005

Interesting link.

Clearly response time can be measured in a number of ways (hence my use of 'real' not real) but, I believe, it is reasonable for a prospective purchaser to assume that a quoted response time was based on the 'traditional' definition; if the retailer wishes to use some other measure of response time that would need to be made clear.

As the link makes clear there was a common way of measuring response time and, whilst some manufacturers may be looking to change that, retailers will need to ensure that if they move away from the common understanding they make clear what method of measurement they are now using.

  mosesdad 15:30 03 Sep 2005

many thanks to DieSse, bfoc, et al, who have tried to help me resolve this problem.
I wish we had returned the item within 7 days! Instead we contacted the supplier (mabtech) and the site owner(amazon) and then the manufacturer (LG) to try to get clarity on the refresh rate.
we have waited so long that the 7 day return and the 30 day amazon return dates have both passed. mabtech said they'd contact LG (that was 14th July and we're still waiting!). I have asked for help from the credit card company(AmEx)and they have agreed to take it up, I also persuaded Amazon to re-open the case.
I am also encouraged that bfoc found a review which confirms 25 ms - this is denied by mabtech and amazon who say the LG spec shows 12ms.
Tks again, mosesdad

  Stuartli 12:04 04 Sep 2005


click here

re Response Times with regard to LCD/TFT models.

My understanding of TFTs is that the Refresh rate is standard at 60MHz, compared to a setting of 85MHz to prevent flicker with CRT monitors for the majority of people.

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