Help me purchase a compact digital camera

  funkey_monkey 19:58 27 Apr 2006

I'm looking to buy a small compact digital camera and am getting confused by all the waffle.

Basically, I want a small compact digital camera that will fit into my pocket, with a good reputation, low lag time, and cost under around £150 - with maybe a biggish SD card (or whatever type it comes with).

Open to all suggestions.

I was looking at the Sony DSC range and a Casio EX-S500 (? I think), but by the time I have put a decent sized card in them, they will be too expensive.


  hzhzhz 20:13 27 Apr 2006

click here Small, good pics, bargain, if its still available and you dont mind e-buyer.

  Totally-braindead 20:47 27 Apr 2006

I'll be honest here and say there are too many to mention. What I would so is go along to my local Jessops and see what you like the feel of. Do buy a branded one is all I can say good makes include Pentax, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji and Canon. Make sure whatever you buy has optical zoom. And for accessories do many good deals on chargers, batteries and memory cards.

Once you've seen whats available have a look at here for reviews click here then decide.

  wallbash 21:22 27 Apr 2006

Casio ex s500 is out of your price range ?????
But I bought two Casio ex-Z10, very happy

  skidzy 21:28 27 Apr 2006

Im afraid your budget is a lttle low for a camera with a quick response time and quality photo's.

Ive had several small compact digital camera's and the one i have at the moment is fantastic the Canon Ixus50.

If i was going to recommend you a camera within your budget,it has to be the Nikon3700.Never let me down and had a 1.7second response taking a photo on superfine here
If you can track one down,go for will not be disappointed.
As regarding the sd card,they can be bought very cheaply off ebay...i would recommend buying a brand named sd card though.

This was the camera i had before upgrading to the above model from canon.

  skidzy 21:36 27 Apr 2006

Just a little further thought,what ever you decide to go for...its in your interest to make sure it uses a lithion battery and not AA's,if AA's the camera will cost a small fortune to run and will probably let you down at that crucial moment.
Most replacement Lithion batteries are availble on Ebay for under £10.00 including delivery.

  hzhzhz 21:44 27 Apr 2006

if AA's the camera will cost a small fortune to run

Not so. Get a set of AA rechargeables and a charger and away to go.

  skidzy 22:14 27 Apr 2006

Sorry got to disagree with you about the rechargables

Ive had enough digital camera's and tried very good rechergables,problem being if you are out and about,for example on holiday.The shots ratio with AA's is no where near that of a Lithion battery,especially as we like to look at the photo immediately after its taken.

I have a back up camera for work that has AA's,but would never take that with me on holiday etc.

Secondly,why pay £10.00 for rechargables and charger when you can get a spare lithion battery for around £10.00

  hzhzhz 22:18 27 Apr 2006


  skidzy 22:37 27 Apr 2006 original !

I was only stating from experience the finicial cost and reliability of AA's as opposed to Lithion batteries.

At the end of the day its funkey_monkey choice and having as much as advice as possible can only help choose the right camera for the right occasion.

  Skills 23:36 27 Apr 2006

I find using AA batterys is more than fine for me. Yes you're right in that they wont last as long but if you always keep a set fully charged in your bag then your never without and worst case you can always buy a pack of duracells.

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