Help Me Decide Between Two Laptops

  JenniferD 01:02 01 Jan 2017

I have to buy a laptop today for work -- my boss wants to write it off on the company's 2016 taxes, so today is the last day to buy. I have a $2k USD budget.

I work at home, and run a VOIP phone system with Hawaii's crappy internet service + WiFi so I need as much juice on the computer side as possible in terms of connection strength and speed. I don't care too much about graphics, battery life, size, or weight. I have to be able to surf the internet and get pages to load quickly. I typically have 20 browser windows open at a time. My USB needs are just headset and mouse.

I am considering these two laptops: click here


  JenniferD 01:14 01 Jan 2017

Whoops, those two links did't work

This one: Eluktronics Eluktro ProX

  JenniferD 01:15 01 Jan 2017

and this one: Lenovo Thinkpad Edge

  Forum Editor 10:44 01 Jan 2017

Your computer's online performance will be dependent on your internet connection. Any laptop will struggle if you don't have a good broadband connection.

All modern laptops have good wireless connection technology built in, plus a respectable amount of RAM, and although a decent processor and graphics chip will enhance performance, bandwidth is what really counts.

That said, either of the two machines you are considering would be fine for your intended use. At least 8Gb of RAM will be advisable - more if your budget permits.

The lenovo did not get a particularly good review for its display quality. I have no knowledge of the Eluktronics machine in terms of review results; it's not a make that I'm familiar with.

Both of your links go to laptop batteries, by the way.

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