help me choose a notebook please!!!!

  kickflip 12:15 26 Feb 2005

i am going to be starting a computer science degree in september and have been told that i will need to buy a laptop but i have no idea what to buy.
it will need to be able to run dreamweaver, javascript and powerpoint and pretty much every media package there is. any suggestions will be gratfully recieved.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:49 26 Feb 2005

I would suggest that you ask the college what they recommend - they will likely have minimum requirements.

  wjrt 16:51 26 Feb 2005

click here;jsessionid=15421a0d2ec8abd/shopdata/index.shopscript

available mid march
an example of what is available

  wjrt 16:57 26 Feb 2005

link not good sorry

click here;jsessionid=15421a0d2ec8abd/shopdata/index.shopscript

try again
if not do a google for
Fujitsu Amilo A 1630D

  Taran 17:27 26 Feb 2005

Up until very recently I have always been a very firm Toshiba and IBM fan when it comes to my notebooks. However, a recent thread in the PC Advisor forums changed all of that.

Check out these links:

click here

click here

click here

For the record, I lecture at a large college in software engineering and web design and I also run a web development and IT consultancy business. The Acer I am using now runs everything I throw at it beautifully and the same spec from either of my two prefered manufacturers would have been double its price or more.

Your only stumbling block that I can see is your requirement to run "pretty much every media package there is".

That is a tall order for any system and also does little to give you a form basis to operate from in terms of what you might need for hardware.

I've not tried MAYA on mine yet (a close friend has on her identical machine though) but Bryce 5, Poser, TrueSpace, Adobe CS, and similar packages all fly along.

I suggest you ask for information on your particular course syllabus and gear your purchase around that.

Macromedia applications run happily on a relatively low powered (by today's standards) machine, and only intense image or video editing, or HUGE spreadsheet and database applications place high demand on graphics.

You can easily run JAVA on the lowest powered computers currently available, although just because you can does not necessarily meant that you should. I would always suggest that you buy as much spec as you can afford to enable long term use and (hopefully) cope with future requirements.

One of the real benefits I found to the Acer was the cost of additional warranty cover; less than £100 buys you a full three years, which should see you through your degree.

  Taran 17:32 26 Feb 2005

I forgot to add, don't forget that there are hardship grants available for this sort of thing, to one parent and/or low income families.

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