help me choose a netbook

  sunnystaines 12:43 06 Jun 2011

looking at getting a netbook to use on holidays [wife likes her surfing] for the internet. I had always thought MSI & Samsung were the better two makes. But a bit out of touch these days.

what our priority specs are

long battery life. 2g of RAM for internet use mainly, do not want a slow sluggish netbook. comes with restore dongle / cd so if the hdd died i could restore to a new hdd [the restore dvd option in our sony laptop does not allow this on a new hdd so dont want that scenario again] cost looking cheaper end, will not need fancy software except windows 7 etc.

any tips, advice, links please. not in a rush just yet needed for autum but may buy sooner if i see a good option.

  chub_tor 15:36 06 Jun 2011

I bought an HP Netbook Mini 210-1011 just over a year ago and have had great service from it. As with many of the early netbooks I found that I needed to upgrade the RAM to 2Gb and the OS from Win 7 Starter to Win 7 Home Premium to make it work speedily and to work with all my applications. It does have a long battery life (over 9 hours) with the extended battery that I have, it is nicely portable and has served me well.

That said if I was looking for a model today I would probably go with this Asus Transformer which on the face of it has all the advantages of a tablet when travelling and can be used with a keyboard for a semi-fixed installation at home. I have no experience with it. The other alternative I would consider is the IPad2.

  canarieslover 15:46 06 Jun 2011

If you are 'looking cheaper end' you could do worse than looking at Argos ebay outlet. They have a good selection of refurbished with their own 12 month warranty at good savings on new. I wouldn't bother too much about having to replace hard drive or upgrading memory if you really only need it for browsing. I've an Acer 255 which is quite adequate for that and has a very good battery life, around 7 - 8 hours of reasonable use. Argos ebay store

  sunnystaines 16:00 06 Jun 2011

thank you for the links

  chub_tor 16:49 06 Jun 2011

This one from canarieslover's link is very similar to the one I bought last March and I paid nearly twice that. But I still think you will need to upgrade the RAM to 2Gb or be prepared to wait for applications to load.

  sunnystaines 17:35 06 Jun 2011

are refurbished one ok

  chub_tor 17:59 06 Jun 2011

" are refurbished one ok" With a 12 month guarantee I wouldn't give it a second thought if it was what I was looking for and at the right price.

  Forum Editor 18:46 06 Jun 2011


To a degree we're talking about yesterday's technology here; the industry has decided that Netbooks are out - tablets are the next big thing. The market will be flooded with them come the autumn, and everyone who said 'over my dead body' will be thinking 'Hmmm, maybe I might take the plunge.'

I hasten to admit that I was a leader of the Tablet Luddite Association, but then I acquired an iPad, and my world changed almost overnight.

All that is just my waffly way of suggesting that you reserve judgement, and check out some tablet reviews - both now and in a few months time. You said you were in no rush.

If a netbook is a definite must-have, there are plenty available. For what it's worth I have one - it's an Acer Aspire One AOD255 that has a dual-core Atom processor, 250Gb hard drive, and 1Gb RAM. It has a superb display, runs Windows 7 like a dream, and was frankly an absolute bargain, although I would have liked 2Gb of RAM. Most of the time it sits in its case, although I do take it with me when I'm working abroad and need Office 2010. Otherwise it's the iPaq when I'm on the move.

  woodchip 18:47 06 Jun 2011

Mine is a Samsung nc10 the old one up to about 9 hour run time, but how I have set it and use it about 7hour 160Gig drive 1 Gig Memory XP Home would not need no more that that, its a very good Netbook.

PS It starts up faster than my HP 510 Notebook also running XP Home with 2Gig memory a 60oGig drive a 2.13GHz Centrino CPU Pentium M

  sunnystaines 19:01 06 Jun 2011

fe and woodchip thanks had a browse around google reviews and visited tesco/pcworld/maplin all close to each other here. very surprised by pcwold who told me netbooks sold through them are not upgradable to 2gb of RAM, In maplin saw a samsung NF110 [£249]which could be upgraded to 2gb of RAM. That looked ok.the lad said the factory reset is in the bios not a hidden partition so the hdd could be replaced without loosing factory settings never heard of this has he got it right?

tablets are a problem as my wife has a tremour and needs a hardware keyboard.

  woodchip 19:57 06 Jun 2011

tablets Not for me, No Handles and not lid to protect them. How do you carry one? how do you protect the screen

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