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  Chelseas 19:14 23 Jul 2014

Hello, I am buying a PC for my son, he's turning 14 next week. Now I know he really enjoys playing the footbal game FIFA. And for his birthday he was asking for FIFA 15 game. Now I've been told that there are just a certain kind of pc's that are able to run games like that. I've been thinking about buying this PC: Dell Precision 490 PC Desktop Workstation Windows XP SP3P Intel Xeon CPU X5355 @ 2.66Ghz 4Gb DDR3 Memory NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 Graphics Card 160Gb Hard Disk Secondery 300Gb Hard Disk 24inch Dell monitor New Dell Keyboard & Mice All Microsoft Security Updates installed My question is, will this be good enough to play the FIFA 15 game on? Thanks a lot! Chelsea

  Chelseas 19:15 23 Jul 2014

PS, the seller is asking 90 pound for this computer. Is that too much?

  BRYNIT 19:38 23 Jul 2014

This is an old PC and IMO £90 is too expensive beside that the computer will not run Fifa 15. The minimum PC specifications for this game are CLICK HERE

  Chelseas 20:34 23 Jul 2014

Alright thanks a lot! Any chance you can recommend me a PC in the price range of 100-150 pound that I could buy for my son? I'm sorry for asking so much, I really appreciate your time. Chelsea

  Woolwell 21:32 23 Jul 2014

I'm sorry but I think that your budget is too low.

  alanrwood 10:18 24 Jul 2014

No chance at that price. Sorry but games are the most computer stressing activity and need good hardware. £150, even 2nd hand, is nowhere near enough for playing modern games. Sorry to disappoint you as the thought was very kind towards your son.

  iscanut 12:06 24 Jul 2014

Even at twice your busget, you will not get a good enough system for games such as you want. Sorry to be another bearer of bad news.

  iscanut 12:06 24 Jul 2014

busget ?? sorry meant budget.

  Chelseas 16:50 24 Jul 2014

Thank everyone for helping me. I will have to save up a little bit more then! Haha :-)

  Menzie 19:56 24 Jul 2014

Getting a PC to run FIFA this year is going to be trickier than ever as it is running an all new engine which requires higher specs than last year's game.

For £150 even the pre-owned market won't turn up anything to run the game well as others have stated. Have you considered a previous generation console instead?

The Xbox 360 and PS3 will both have the game and can be found used for under £100 on the high street with an in-store swap warranty for not much more should things go wrong down the line.

Get an Xbox Live Gold or a PlayStation Plus membership for around £40 for a year if you shop around (£60 on the high street) and 2 downloadable games a month are available for free. I got these memberships when I purchased an Xbox and PS3 for my siblings this year.

With parental controls available on both you can make sure that if any unsuitable games are available that month they cannot be downloaded.

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