Help! I've just been... MESHed with!

  User-03575BED-847F-4197-97C19090F3A2F2BC 17:27 14 Apr 2003

Hi everyone,

My one MESH saga has just started so I logged in to see what PCA readers think about MESH CS and after reading BlitZace's posting I recognised my own case! My PCA MESH system was delivered last Thursday with the blue MESH box missing (no mouse, no leads, no manual/documentation, no recovery CDs). As I thought that wasn't such a big deal, I rang them up immediately to let them know and 9 phone calls later I'm still waiting to be called back! I was assured though that my request for a call back was marked as "URGENT", does that remind you of anything BlitZace? I have asked to speak to the management but they don't even give me the managers' names as they "operate a call back service". I have asked them for their refund policy and they said that I need to speak to senior management for that, also by a call back service. The customer services people I’ve spoken to so far are: Martin, Priti, Aqs, Mel and Danni (obviously some of them more than once). Danni was also rude to me and hang up the phone before I finished speaking. I am very worried now since I have parted with my money and I'm missing equipment. I would really like my money back. I have paid using my VISA. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do next? I am worried that they will delay my call-back until I loose my right for a refund, can they do that? How long do I have by law, to ask for my money back?

  MESH Response 18:02 14 Apr 2003

If you could please leave us your order number at [email protected] we will look into this and get back to you promptly concerning your order.


MESH Response

  beeuuem 18:05 14 Apr 2003

As Mesh have responded give them a chance to rectify your problem. If you don't get any joy, post back to this thread and you will be overwhelmed with advice.

  BlitZace 21:54 14 Apr 2003

I really feel sorry for you ZS. I know exactly what you're going through right now :( Every single time I phoned Mesh CS they said exactly the same thing. "We've marked your call as urgent" and "Someone will get back to you" And did they? Hell no!! On my Forum post they denied me making upto 25 phonecalls to Mesh CS. Yet as soon as my manager recieves the phone bill they'll be paying for >AT LEAST< 25 phonecalls!!!

Regarding the right to ask for your money back. You have upto 7 days to ask for your money for any reason, even if the goods are not faulty. This is covered by The Distance Selling Regulations 2000. You also have 21 days to ask for a full refund covered by The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). These are strict laid down laws that even Mesh as elusive as they are can't escape! Don't worry ZS. Try not to lose your cool and keep on at it. Good luck to you!

  SUSAN-326931 23:25 14 Apr 2003

Every call to Mesh CS took at least ten minutes to be answered then by someone who could only get someone tocall back - they never did. I called, faxed, emailed all ignored. Finally I was told paperwork had been raised to rectify my problem but only after another ten minute wait on the phone - why could they not have informed me! Now I am trying to get technical support as the computer keeps crashing but the supposed seven day 24hr online service ignores me just like customer service! If you can send it back, do - I wish I had!

  bfoc 23:50 14 Apr 2003

To allow them any more of a chance to rectify matters than you have already done.

Your order was incomplete, you have given them every REASONABLE chance to sort matters out and they have failed to do so. You are entitled, under a number of consumer acts, to a full and prompt refund of all monies paid.

If you wish to get a refund I would suggest that you:

1. Fax, e-mail (I found that e-mailing tech support and asking them to forward it to CS at least got a confirmation of receipt!) and post a letter to Mesh (preferably by a recorded service) requiring that they action a return and full refund very promptly. You should also make clear that you are fully aware of your rights in this matter.

2. Immediately contact, by phone, your card company. Inform them of what has happened, and fax and post a letter to them making clear that you understand their liability in this matter and requesting them to assist you in obtaining redress. You could also include a copy of the Mesh letter.

3. Be prepared for some argument and a long wait, that was my experience on both occassions I (foolishly?) had dealings with Mesh.

If you decide you will give them a chance, I would recommend that you:

1. Make clear in writing that they have a FINAL chance to rectify matters to your satisfaction by a named date.
2. That if they do not do so, for whatever reason, you will require a full and immediate refund.
3. That their acceptance of this is a condition of you giving them this chance to sort out the problems they have caused.
4. That your allowing them to complete the order in this manner is only on condition that your rights of return/refund if any faults appear on the machine are unchanged.

I do wish you the best of luck on this matter as, IMHO, you are on strong ground!

I was very happy to see that MESH replied to this promptly so I sent a more detailed letter of complaint to [email protected]. I'll wait until the end of tomorrow for a response but if I don't hear from them tomorrow I'll contact my credit card company and arrange to send back the system for a refund. Thanks to all of you who replied, I'll keep you posted. I really wish I read some of this before I ordered my pc!

  Goldcroft 07:19 15 Apr 2003

Surely the time has come to have a separate Mesh Problems button on the forum's title bar. Just what has happened to this company?

First, I sympathize with your problems and having experienced similar with other companies (I have never used Mesh, so cannot comment) I know just what you are going through.


Please everyone, be aware of the fact that the Distance Selling Regulations do not cover EVERYTHING that you order over the Internet or by mail order / phone etc.

There are quite a few exceptions to the right to return for "any reason", the main one being if the goods have been made to "Special order".

As most PC manufacturers assemble the computers according to the orders they receive (i.e. "Special order"), these would fall into this category and therefore the Distance Selling Regs are not applicable.

Although frustrating, Meash are not trying to do you out of the accessories and I am sure that they will get them to ASAP. As I said, it is very frustrating when your calls and emails go unanswered so by all means make a noise, but please, for your own sake and to save embarrassment, please do not demand a "legal" remedy that does not exist!

I should add, again as a result of my not dealing with Mesh in the past, that if they hold a stock of machines of Identicle spec then the regs WOULD apply, it would depend on the time between order and delivery and whether you had any choice as to the spec, amount of Ram, hard drive size etc. If you did, or if you asked for a certain Graphics card inplace of another for example, the regs would not apply as "Special order" applies.

  alan in spain 09:05 15 Apr 2003

can i just add that regardless of "special order" status, if the goods are not of "mechantable quality" and because you dont have it all ie mouse and leads that would apply.
or if the order is incomplete you have the right to a full refund and your credit card company is equally liable. so if mesh dont do it you visa card company should.

in reality what will happen is your visa card company should lean on mesh and boot them into action. Visa companies can remove the right by a company to accept credit cards although this is rare it is possible.

one final point, i had all of this when i bought a Tiny Computer some years ago and i got a complete refund, i then went on and bought a mesh machine and have had absolutely no problems at all with the pc and found mesh to be very good.

its a shame that the company appears to be going the same way as tiny and not answering customers calls it will be their downfall.

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