Help getting refund from Mesh

  puma22 11:34 18 Mar 2005

Hi, like others on here, i have had problems with Mesh. you will lose the will to live if i go into the details of the appaling customer services! Brefly, took delivery mid Nov of a real lemon. They have finally agreed to a refund, however, having sat on the base unit for about 6 weeks now (not leterally i hope!) and having the rest of the PC returned 14 days ago, they are stalling the refund. Their latest letter, received today, stalls for a further 3 weeks. They set up a 6 months interst free loan which will be due for payment soon or will incur huge interest charges. Obviously I don't want to hand over cash or incur these charges!
where do I go from here??
Many thanks

  Maverick81 14:56 18 Mar 2005

Contact your finance company to let them know what is happening, Ask them to speak to mesh and push for the matter to be resolved.

Be aware though companies legally have upto 28 days to refund your money once they have received the goods back.

hope this helps

  MESH Support 15:47 18 Mar 2005

Your refund was passed to our accounts department yesterday. Please allow 3-5 working days for the money to appear in your account although after the 1st working day your bank may be able to confirm inbound funds if you require further assurance.

I will email you this information as well to ensure you receive it in the soonest possible time.


Mesh Support

  puma22 15:48 18 Mar 2005

Thanks for the advice Mav!
The finance company are aware and are pushing from their end, but are still insisting on their money as they say it is between myself and Mesh.
The law about the 28 days limit is useful information and I will remind them of this in my next letter.
The whole thing has been a horrible and timeconsuming affair. You would think that a company, on being told that they had sold faulty goods, woudl be failling over themselves to put things right. Apparently not with Mesh. Over 4 months later and I am still trying to resolve this.

  puma22 15:57 18 Mar 2005

Davey, thank you for the information.
I hope this doesnt sound too rude but it seems that the communication systems at Mesh are about as reliable as the PC I bought. I received a letter today from customer care saying the 'refund request is in its final stages'??? and that it 'should go through within the next 14 working days'
I hope that the information you have is the correct version. I would like to draw a line under the whole miserable experince.
for information, I have now bought a PC from Dell. It is fast and reliable and with better spec and 3 years next business day support (i know a lot of people on this site thing this is a waste of money - but having my fingers burnt once...)it came in at £50 more. It was also delivered withn 3 working days (Mesh took nearly three weeks)
I do not like giving my money to large mutinational corporations, but after dealing with Mesh, I wont do anything else!

  puma22 16:25 18 Mar 2005

I forgot to mention, the screen is of much better quality on the Dell. The Mesh one turned up with a couple of dead pixels - not one on the Dell screen!

  MESH Support 17:05 18 Mar 2005

I passed the paperwork to accounts myself so rest assured it is going ahead as I advised.

I've emailed more details to you regarding the finance side of things.


Mesh Support

  pauldonovan 11:40 21 Mar 2005

I've had an Evesham PC for years and am looking to spend probably 1500-2000 pounds on a new PC shortly. I've had a great experience with Evesham but was tempted by Mesh's brilliant reviews recently however I have now got to the stage where the sales guy at Mesh has stopped responding to my email queries and a quick email to Davey (who seems very helpful on forums) regarding support has also gone unanswered. To contrast, the local Evesham branch has consistently replied to my emails within 30 minutes (max!).

Every forum seems to have bad posts on Mesh, less so on Evesham but there are a few of those.

I think the PC Magazines should include Customer Service as a factor in their reviews. Just about every PC Magazine has rave Mesh reviews however I wonder how many of the customers go away unhappy.

It is very tough to choose a new PC, and I've had good experiences with Dell & Evesham in the past so i'm inclined to continue with one of those now despite Mesh's excellent reviews and very good prices....If their pre-sales service is this bad, I suspect the post-sales can only get worse!



  tam400 19:21 21 Mar 2005

dont kno nothing about mesh. Bought new computer from bluedolphin for £600 at christmas and got totally ripped off and i really need some advice as they have used redundant chip set and motherboard. Trading standards can do nothing as they are sticking together in the shop and saying that i have received something that i asked for and it is a better system than i am using the now. It has no memory, no modem, the cursor creeps along the screen by itself.
Then the full system crashes reboots and then crashes again. They have built it from whatever scrap was available on christmas eve and they have got me over a barell and i dont know what i can do about it

  [email protected] 19:35 21 Mar 2005

Post your story as a new thread - not a response in this one. It will get a better repsonse that way.

  MESH Response 09:32 22 Mar 2005

Hi Paul

I can confirm that we did receive your emails dated 11 March 2005 10:40am & 14:51pm.

We did also attempt to respond to your email address on more than one occasion with a response to your questions and received this standard response after every attempt…

"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: RE: Quotation
Sent: 11/03/2005 15:19

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:"

Having checked your email address - I can verify it was sent to the correct address and can only assume that at the time your email server was down.

I hope this clears up any issue of poor pre sales customer care. We will again attempt to email you later today regarding the above quotation.

We hope you might consider MESH again.

MESH Response.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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