Help finding sattelite navigation please?

  [DELETED] 09:26 17 Jun 2006

HI i've been looking for ages to find the right sattelite navigation for me I am just wondering if you guys could offer some advice.. thanks!

Well the things I would really like to have would be:
-Postcode search
-Auto reroute if i miss a turning
-Speed camera locations
-Radar detector
-Removeable ~ So I can use it when walking

Additional extras that would be cool, but not really things I need to have;
1. Traffic updates (free or very cheap)
2. 3D mapping
3. MP3 player

I was also thinking that maybe it would be better for me to get a seperate safety camera/radar detector so the sat nav bit would be lighter for walking?

oh and just coverage of England would be fine

I really dont know about what kind of cost I should pay, I was thinking £350 max, but if thats unrealistic or i could get a lot extra for a bit more money that would be OK

  [DELETED] 09:47 17 Jun 2006

I think the TomTom One would suit you. Speed camera locations are available from TomTom, but there is a better source, (I would have to check where), available. Not free, but at reasonable cost.

As far as I know none of the SatNavs have radar detectors.

If you want Traffic updates, this is available from TomTom at extra cost, via your Mobile phone.

If you want an mp3 player, then something like the new TomTom 910 is what you need, (significantly more expensive).

  spuds 10:28 17 Jun 2006

As a point of interest, remember that sat nav is not 100% in true accuracy. In my location, we have witness recently the 7th juggernaut lorry rescue. The latest incident was a Polish trucker who had made is way from Poland safely, only to find that the end of his journey resulted in the lorry becoming jammed between two buildings. Luckily all the drivers have been very competent, as very little damage as been caused, to either building or vehicles. Still costs a small fortune and a few hours of heavy equipment rescue time though.

Tom Tom One is a good unit. See one on demo at your local Halford's store perhaps.

  Sapins 11:51 17 Jun 2006

Just bought the Tom Tom Go 910. Will do all you ask and some, you can even use Longitude and Latitude to find somewhere, not much more than your budget.

spuds, If these Polish lorry drivers can't read English they should not be on English roads, no Sat Nav will tell you how wide a road is!

  [DELETED] 12:02 17 Jun 2006

I find the accuracy of TomTom mapping very good, (although like most of them, is about 1 year out of date).

However, it is configured for ordinary vehicles, not heavy lorries. For example, it will not show roads with width barriers, or roads unsuitable for such vehicles. As far as I know, none of the popular SatNavs do. The problems reported by spuds is really not the fault of the SatNav.

A very good SatNav forum is here:

click here

TomTom One is priced at £215 from Amazon; (free P/P)

click here

  [DELETED] 12:06 17 Jun 2006

Sapins: You must have got a real bargain if your 910 was not much more than the TomTom One.

As far as I can see the 910 costs at least double.

  [DELETED] 12:23 17 Jun 2006

Sorry Sapins; I misread your comments. You meant of course, not much more than his budget.

However, the 910 is likely to be at least £100 more than his budget of £350.

If andy88 does not plan trips to Europe, there is little point in paying more.

  spuds 12:42 17 Jun 2006

Good morning Sapins- Not just Polish drivers, most are British who get stuck in the same location. Buildings, curvature and layout of road are not taken into consideration with a sat nav unit.

Recently there were articles in newspapers of people being diverted to edges of cliff's, down farm tracks and such like. One particular village is making a nice little earner, from towing vehicles out of the local ford (waters to deep for some vehicles), and drying peoples clothes.

I have used a sat nav that instructed me to get off at junction 15a on the M1, even though in the back of my mind and a road map suggested getting off at junction 15, guess who was right.The same thing applied to our local ambulance service recently. Ambulances turning up, so near, yet so far.

Not saying that sat nav isn't good, it is. But further improvements and finer tuning are still required, hence newer models and updates on a regular basis. Perhaps still wise to keep the old road map and torch handy in the glove compartment!.

  Al94 12:43 17 Jun 2006

Dont waste your money, if you only want UK (&Ireland) this Garmin will do all you need perfectly well click here Have had one for months and find it excellent especially for the price. Or here click here.

Speed cameras downloadable from here click here and points of interest (POI's) from here click here

  spuds 13:34 17 Jun 2006

As a point of interest,do you find the small screen irritating, and have you found any hang-ups with the unit. Friends considering getting one from Argos on their 6 month interest free offer.Otherwise it could be the Navman iCN310 at £149.99.

  Al94 14:25 17 Jun 2006

No, I find the small screen OK, to be honest when on the road you shouldn't be looking at the screen that much!! The voice commands are excellent. As I said, in terms of value for money, I reckon it's hard to beat and performs very well. I have never had any lock ups (presume thats what you mean) there is a lot of talk about software versions in the GPS forum, I stuck with version 2.7 which seems to be the most stable.

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