Help find a dell part.

  lisa02 23:21 11 Jan 2008

I'm looking for the drive panel of the xps420.

It's this bit click here the bit in red is detachable.

When I recieved the computer this entire bit was scratched multiple times and I have tried getting Dell technicians in India to replace it.

They've sent the wrong parts twice now and I've spent upwards of £25 on my mobile (no landline til next week) to them so I give up entirely.

Could someone help find a uk seller for this part?


  rdave13 02:11 12 Jan 2008

Don't know if this will help but shows Dell in UK; click here

  rdave13 02:13 12 Jan 2008

They might help a good customer ?

  gozzila 11:18 13 Jan 2008

What spec of xps420 have you got - and what's your opinion of it (aside from the scratched panel)?

  lisa02 15:41 13 Jan 2008

dvd writer and dvd rom.
Q6600 Processor
3 gig dual channel ram (512 x 2 & 1024 x 2)
512mb 8800GT
2 X 320GB HDD in Raid Config.

Very impressed with the hardware and it's quiet IMO compared to my last AMD based Compaq computer.

However I'd trade this for a tower that ain't been bashed at the front.

  Woolwell 16:06 13 Jan 2008


It was a couple of years ago that I had a snag with a Dell. I resolved the issue by using e-mail and escalating the problem through their customer services (customer support). I gave up trying to talk to the Indian call centre. Since you are posting here I assume you have access to e-mail although no landline yet.
Wish you luck but I suspect that you are going to only get this part through Dell and it ought to be a warranty issue anyway.

  lisa02 13:33 15 Jan 2008

Update. Went thru saynoto0870 got a UK number and it transferred to the support centre. The chap had a much better accent and a better understanding of English (or rather me).

He took control of the computer and brought up a schematic of the pc and circled the damaged parts. I confirmed the parts by watching the screen as he drew... He says they'll be with me tomorrow before 5pm.

I hope this is now it over.

  lisa02 14:05 17 Jan 2008

Actually it arrived just now, a day late.

But I'm happy.

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