Help With a Dial-Up ISP?

  Pc-cillin 01:25 19 Feb 2003

I am not asking this question to poo poo any ISP.

A relative of mine has got a Dial-up Internet Connection. ((Whsmith), I myself had the same, until I went NTL BB( Stop Giggling)). And it is a nightmare to get on the net between 7-9 at night (WHSMITH). Is this normal? I didn't go on to the Net at that time.

So can you recommend a DIAL-UP ISP for her?

I thought of Freeserve Anytime?.

Can you give her some pointers?


  spuds 01:50 19 Feb 2003

I have used Lineone/Tiscali for about 3 years.Always connects first time,whatever the time, and never really had any problems over that length of time.Would recommend it without doubt. Click on click here for more details. A couple of friends of mine use Freeserve, but I still prefare Tiscali.

  geezer13 13:22 19 Feb 2003

I have used "surfanytime" for around 18 months now, you get 4 HOUR cutoff rather than the usual 2. I have had no problems connecting whatsoever.

  anchor 13:31 19 Feb 2003


I used them before going on Broadband, and found them very good.

1p/min dial up, or £12.99/month "anytime".

click here

  Goldcroft 13:50 19 Feb 2003

Like spuds, I switched from Virgin to Tiscali and have rarely had a problem connecting at any time of day. For some business people, the day time service (free calls between 8 am and 6 pm weekdays) for £4.99 a month is great. Until my area can get broadband that is!

Try bt openworld. I had very few problems. Recently opted for the pipex free modem offer and upgradedto b/b.

  Border View 17:05 19 Feb 2003

Like spuds I use Lineone/Tiscali and have done for about two years without a glitch. No problems connecting at any time. Would recommend them without reservation.

  _Treb_ 17:14 19 Feb 2003

No probs with Freeserve Anytime been with them for ages now.............I just want broadband, they say I'm to far from exchange.

  he he :-) 17:21 19 Feb 2003

I use AOL and have never had a probolem connecting in 2 years.

  he he :-) 17:22 19 Feb 2003

The only probolem is that it's more expensive than freeserve.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:39 19 Feb 2003

Tiscali...used since day one of screaming net. Great speed and connect first time 99.9% of the time. Excellent.


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