help choosing a gaming pc

  demongorgan 17:07 04 Aug 2012

i have £400 to spend on a gaming pc, i dont have the experiance to build my own, and have looked around for sale site, in the end i have settled between these, but i dont know which one is better. could any of you help me please?

I want it for running games, like bf3 and skyrim as best as i can stock. 1. 2. 3.


I know im going to have to pay extra for win7 64bit os, but just want to know which one is best, as im looking to purchase today.

  frybluff 22:58 04 Aug 2012

Could only get two of those links to work. One to Vibox, the other to G4. Of the two, I would say the G4 would give the better gaming performance. It, at least, has reasonable graphics card, although the Vibox has slightly faster processor, and more storage, which may give it slightly better performance in other areas. The usual health warning, when buying on ebay: do check out customer reviews, for how seller deals with any problems.

Bear in mind these are BUDGET gamers. You can't expect high frame rates, at high settings, in all games.

  demongorgan 23:37 04 Aug 2012

Thankyou for the reply, in the end i have decided to go for a compleate package that includes windows os also, im stuck between choices on these few, theres the nvidia gtx 550, the ati 6450, and the ati 6570. all the pcs come with 8gb ddr3 ram.

i know there all entry level, but the compaq sg3-110uk i own atm dosnt have upgradable parts, so this would be my entry into custom.

here is the list, my intention is not to spam adverts, (just in case i get in trouble) i will be purchasing one of these machine, just need help on which would be best.

  demongorgan 23:39 04 Aug 2012
  frybluff 11:18 05 Aug 2012

When I saw that your question included an nVidia GTX550, I thought it was going to be easy. Is that a typo, as none of the links seem to have that card.

Assuming that's the case, go with one of the two that have the 6570. The only difference between them seems to be the case. As they don't specify make/model, it's impossible to know if one is better than the other. It may be just a case of which you think looks better. To be honest, I would still prefer the offering, from G4, in your original post, for gaming.

I know you said you appreciate that these are "entry level", but I think you will quickly find that you need better graphics, for a decent gaming experience. I would suggest asking the question, of seller, if there's an option to upgrade graphics, not necessarily for NOW, but it would give you an idea what upgrade could be possible, in the future.

  demongorgan 12:50 05 Aug 2012

i decided to go with the Vantage AMD FX Quad Core 4.2Ghz Windows 7 Gaming PC 500gb 8gb DDR3 ATI 6570 1gb.

spent a few hours looking at both, i really wanted the G4 but, the pc could be sitting there for months, as after purchse, theres no way i could afford to spend out £80+ for windows 7.

also this one has the same motherboard and cpu (minus overclocking) as the G4 with the ati 7750, so i'm sure it will be a compatable upgrade, but at least it means i can play games in the mean time. i have seen some videos on youtube reguarding the ati 6570, and from what i can tell, games will run smoothly, I know i wont get anything ultra lol, but if i turn down shaders and anti alianse (sorry cant spell it) it should allow me to play skyrim, thats been sitting in my cubboard since xmas

I would like to thank you for the help and advise, its helped me out a lot.

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