sut1576 19:44 12 Nov 2012


I am looking for some help if you are able please, I am looking to buy a tablet for my daughter for xmas and i have a budget of around £300. I have no real preference over the operating system my only real concern is for it to be fast and powerful enough that she wont get lag issues to run flash as the others i had in the past had issues running flash and facebook fully compatible including all them stupid games they play like farmvile song pop and all that crap that she loves, i have had a couple of tabets before and always had issues with facebook and the games within facebook either due to flash not being supported or just that the tablets dont support the games correctly in the first place. so can anyone recommend a a good tablet that wont have lag issues during use runs flash and fully compatible with facebook and facebook games.

thank for any help anthony

  Forum Editor 23:30 12 Nov 2012
  sut1576 23:36 12 Nov 2012

thank you,

  worcesterman47 15:27 13 Nov 2012

Hi sorry to hijack this thread but I am trying to work out also what tablet type to buy for my grandson ..i have a budget of £150 pounds or so...i would like to get something equivelant in looks/screen size to the iPad...and not slow,have access to android market for games and be able to play games without stuttering so to speak , but there is such a huge type of selection I really do not know where to start grandson is 9yrs old & I would love to get him something that runs smoothly & reliable ...many thanks in advance

  sut1576 19:27 13 Nov 2012


you are more than welcome to hijack my thread. i am no expert at all but from looking around myself for my daughters own tablet i would say your best bet would be the google nexus 7. its around the budget you have said and from every review i read its the pick of the bunch. hope this helps you

  tigertop2 16:15 15 Nov 2012

Try the Sumvision Cyclone +. Had mine for 6 months now home and abroad and it is absolutely excellent with ICS4.0 software. You should be able to pick it up for about £75.

  worcesterman47 18:01 15 Nov 2012

Thank you peoPle for the info & I will be checking things out ...the only thing about the two items mentioned though is the 7inch there anything to your knowledge more around the 9 or 10inch screen size ?.......many thanks once again

  [email protected] 18:19 17 Nov 2012


I was in PC World the other day I recall them selling the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" for £300 but with £80 cashback making it effectively £220.

Or, if you're happy to buy an unbranded tablet, there are plenty of options at ebuyer or Amazon

  splinternet 09:26 19 Nov 2012

I'm another confused parent when it comes to tablets (and I've been working in IT for 25 yrs!). The obvious candidate is the iPad as kids just couldn't be seen with anything else, could they? However, spending a bit of time researching, I've discovered the Nexus and Samsung tablets (and Samsung has a good offer at the moment - if you buy an NX camera, you get a 7" tablet for free). My daughters both have Macbooks and the obligatory iPod's, so they're heavily into iTunes. So my question (and the point of this post) is: what role would the iPad play in the iTunes "ecosystem"? For example, would it hold a copy of the iTunes library? Should I move the library from the Macbook? Or should the library stay on the Macbook with the iPad becoming a second device to sync to? (In fact, are tablets really designed for listening to music?). And if the iPad were to muscle in, would the Nexus/Samsung tablets be able to do the same?

  worcesterman47 12:44 23 Nov 2012

well, i think i have finally found the type of tablet i have been looking for ( something as close as possible to an apple ipad but nowhere near as expensive )..the item i am thinking about getting is the following

it has a lot of very good reviews ( and some not so good but thats usual) but could anyone tell me now if it looks/ is a good buy @ £140 ( inc [email protected] ) many many thanks in advance.

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