Help with buying new router

  erkmatrix 16:49 05 Apr 2008

Hi I'm after getting a new Router as currently have a BT Voyager and its not performing too well, I want to get Netgear DG834G 54Mbps hand rig 2 desktops ethernet and 1 laptop wireless

2 questions

Is it worth getting the Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps? or if you are not yet in a super fast internet area is there no point.

next question which ethernet cable do I get, heard CAT5e and RJ45 get mentioned and don't know which I'll need to fix the router to my desktop PCs


  Teaboy 17:24 05 Apr 2008

subscribe to pc advisor and get a free one. Or so I understand!

  tullie 18:12 05 Apr 2008

Expensive router if you do though.

  mikef. 18:15 05 Apr 2008

My wireless died on my netgear this week and I have just replaced it with a Zoom X6 £30 from Tesco, it's quicker, a lot quicker with wireless, than the netgear and with a 2 year warranty, I'm most impressed. Also it was incredibly easy to set up and comes with very good reviews when I did an on-line search,

Amazon also does it click here
for a bit more

  Input Overload 23:47 05 Apr 2008

Belkin N1

  Dipso 00:42 06 Apr 2008

If you're going for the DG834G make sure it's a version 4. This click here is why. Other than that, the GT performs very well although you will only get the benefit from the 108Mbps if you intend to share files over your network.

A cat5e cable has RJ45 connectors on the end. Cat5e cables are also called patch cables. You should get one supplied with the router.

  howard64 09:52 06 Apr 2008

do not get the pc advisor so called router it is not an adsl router - it is an add on device that broadcasts wireless to your area after connecting to your broadband modem.

  erkmatrix 10:02 06 Apr 2008

How do I find out if its version 4, I was going to buy from Novatech

I want to get 5m ethernet cable so the one with the router won't be long enough. So I should buy a cat5e cable

  spuds 11:42 06 Apr 2008

Check with Novatech about the version that they will supply (If they sent the wrong version, then you have cause for replacement/refund).

The same applies to the cable, and the recommended length.

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