Help buying a new PC

  Loco234 19:18 14 Sep 2007

Hope this is the correct area to post. I have been looking to buy a new PC recently, and have finally got the money to do so without leaving myself completely broke.

I have a budget of £600-£700 and I am looking for a system that will give me a good few years of service.

I would like to be able to run recent games at medium-high settings at a reasonable framerate (keeping roughly above 30fps higher is better ofcourse).

I am likely to purchase online since I believe places like PC world tend to overcharge and bundle software that is unnecessary and ends up being uninstalled.

Here is what I am looking at:

AMD ATHLON™ 64 X2 4200+ (2.2GHz) 2 x 512K L2 Cache




20x DVD±RW/RAM/Dual Layer + Lightscribe (48 x CD-RW)

Graphics Card
320MB GEFORCE 8800GTS PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT
[Will this bottleneck?]

Sound Card:
6 Channel Realtek ALC660 High Definition Audio (Onboard)

Power Supply & Case Cooling
700W Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan

Processor Cooling

For the above I was quoted:
£652 inc VAT and Delivery.

from this site:
click here

What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Are there any PC buying sites you would recommend for value and quality?

Thanks in advance

  Loco234 19:23 14 Sep 2007

Also sorry for the double post, but would you recommend XP Home edition or Vista Home premium?

  Totally-braindead 23:05 14 Sep 2007

I don't see the monitor mentioned, you ask if the graphics card will cause a bottleneck and the answer is no it won't.
Personally I would be more inclined to go for this click here admitadly its not got so much memory on the graphics but its a faster PC, of course you do have to add on the price of a monitor and Windows.

Which version of windows to go for that is the question. Some love their Vista and some of the newest games are Vista only so if you want to play them you have no choice. On the minus side gamers do seem to be getting quite a big performance hit when running Vista. Mind you if your PC is fast anyway you may well not notice it.
So I don't know what to choose for an operating system.

  Loco234 07:22 15 Sep 2007

Yes, I was planning on using my current monitor 1280x1024 and buying a newer one later.

Thanks for the suggestion, The PC looks to have a very reasonable price.

Memory on graphics shouldn't be too much of a problem at the moment, and can be easily updated later if needed.

  erkmatrix 07:40 15 Sep 2007


In my opinion I wouldn't buy off PC Specialist again after my last machine never really worked to its full potential but I could of been just unlucky with it, I certainly wasn't impressed with their after service care.

Back to your new machine , I take it you already have a monitor as you didn't list it down on your new spec. If you just missed it out I would opt for this click here machine. It won best PC under £800 on Computer Shopper's Lab test

If you are after just the base unit then I would suggest this

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz 4Mb Cache, 2Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800, 300GB SATA Hard Drive, , Impress Case , Atrix 720Watt Silent Dual Fan , 320Mb Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card DX10, C2E - ASUS P5N-E SLI 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI (Dual Graphics), 18X DVD+/-RW (Samsung), Floppy Drive - SILVER, Integrated Sound Card, Intergrated Monitor Speakers, , Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Inc SP2, No Additional Software, , Free Carriage, 13 Month Warranty £724

from click here go to base units and customize it to thine things above.

I would personally opt for Windows XP still, I much prefer it to Vista as Vista is still in its infancy but will proberly change in a couple of years to 64bit Vista

  project 90 23:12 16 Sep 2007

IMO think junipaire hit nail on the head that a very good system for the price and them 8800gts's are fine for most games that out dare i say all games that out?

i run css on full whack with a res of 1280*1024 4xaa and 4xaf and get around the 100fps mark and about 190 in the stress test.

and i paid around £400 for a tower from mesh basicaly with athlon 5000am2 1gig of ram and 320gbhdd and vista

then another £200 on a 8800gts from evga slightly overclocked and think it was 10year garuntee.

then £110 on 2gig of crucial ballistix 1066mhz so there just over £700 for a decent enough gaming pc :)

  harps1h 08:23 22 Sep 2007

try this

click here

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