Help buying a new desktop PC on a budget

  UKfox 18:06 07 Aug 2010

Hi I would appreciate some feedback, am looking for a desktop PC on a budget, am a mature student now and have had to cut down work hours. Already have a good monitor/keyboard etc on my current system, have been looking at these for ~£300 with or without O/S, would be great if I could easily upgrade graphics etc in future when budget allows. I'm not savvy enough to build my own from scratch but can change cards/ram etc. Any replies gratefully received :)
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  birdface 19:02 07 Aug 2010

2nd one is second hand with only 3 months warranty.
Grade A1 - As New Condition.
maybe someone else can comment on that one.

  The Kestrel 19:51 07 Aug 2010

This one from ebuyer click here includes Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It has integrated graphics, but you will be able to add a graphics card later and also increase the RAM to 4Gb.

  citadel 10:19 08 Aug 2010

have a look on freecycle. thats where i pass my systems on.

  birdface 10:31 08 Aug 2010

Mind you the Acer comes with W/7 and looks ok.Comes with enough memory and a good size hard drive
Free 10 day delivery that should come in time for the University reopening.

  birdface 10:35 08 Aug 2010

And of course being a student you get all of the Software cheap.

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  Hercule Marple 11:36 08 Aug 2010

This one at Mesh might do.

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The only initial change I would make is to swap the 300w PSU for the 450w option (an Extra £4.99, making it £304.98), so that when you get round to adding a discrete graphics card, the PSU won't need upgrading.

It only has two RAM slots, but one of them is vacant, so you could easily add another 2GB RAM DIMM at a later date.

  Hercule Marple 11:54 08 Aug 2010

Actually, the PSU change makes it £303.99, not £304.98.

Thought I'd better post that before some gimp comes along and tries to humiliate me, lol.

  UKfox 21:08 08 Aug 2010

Thanks for all the help I think I'm going to go for the one at Mesh, the idea of the PSU already installed sold me. Hercule Marple could you tell me what you mean by a discrete graphics card? What kind of games/workload would this one be able to cope with?

  Hercule Marple 08:42 09 Aug 2010

'Discrete' just means that the graphics processing unit (GPU)is a separate component, rather than it being integrated on the motherboard.

As sold, that PC has a rather weak integrated GPU (ie nVidia 7050), but you could buy and install a powerful discrete graphics at any time, because the motherboard has a PCI Express x16 expansion slot for it.

  UKfox 14:03 09 Aug 2010

Thanks for all the help, ordering from Mesh :)

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