Help buying my first desktop!

  [email protected] 00:10 07 Nov 2015

I've never really used a desktop, as my other devices have worked fine up until now.

I've had a quick look on eBay, and found a few that might work for me.

click here willing to do a bit of upgrading in a few months, and I am planning a PC build in December this year, but I need something now.

Tasks involved would be screen recording, a bit of light video and photo editing, some gaming (Minecraft, GTA 5, Skyrim, Grow home). Editing documents too.

I'll appreciate any advice you could give - I don't have the experience to decide!



  chub_tor 10:12 07 Nov 2015

The PC you linked to from eBay is a very budget machine. The graphics card in particular is about as basic as you can get and not really suited to either video editing or game playing. Plus that PC does not come with any operating system. I think that you would be very disappointed in a short space of time, Expect to pay a minimum of £500 for the base unit of any gaming machine,

If you are going to build your own machine from scratch there are some good guides around click here for one example or why not consider a base unit from someone like Novatech or Overclockers

  Devil Fish 22:08 07 Nov 2015

concur with chub_tor if your budget for whole pc given link is about the price of a half decent mid range graphics card if you want gaming £500 would be minimum if you want high end £900 upwards

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