Help with buying a first laptop.

  AJ27 14:38 23 May 2009

I've been looking for a laptop for a while now and am struggling to find more than 3 or 4 that I really like.

This will be my first laptop as I really could do with one as I'm going to uni.
I play a fair few games at the moment, nothing to high spec, and I don't mind playing games on lower than top spec.

So with this I'd made the following list of what I need.

Processor - I think somewhere around the 2.2 mark would be fine, duo core more than likely, unless someone can convince me I don't need it.
Ram - 3GB would be probably be enough, would like the 4GB though if possible.
Graphics - I think 256mb should be ok, would ideally have the 512 though.
Hard Drive - 320GB around there(maybe even 250).
Camera - Would prefer one, not must have though.
Blue Ray - Would like it, but may jack the price up a little too much though.
Screen Size - 15" to 17" (maybe larger)

Can anyone recommend a few laptops to me based on this then. Budget anywhere upto £1000. Would really like to see some cheap ones though.

At the moment I've been looking at the Dell Xps16 at £899 it's got everything I want, but would like to see some others.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me out.

  AJ27 16:01 23 May 2009

Have had a look around a bit more, and have found this laptop. It does everything I want and costs £727.
Acer Aspire 6935G-844G32BN Laptop

Any thoughts on it? Also on acer laptops on the whole?

  citadel 17:07 23 May 2009

have a look at where there is a comparison of mobile graphics cards with benchmarks and fps for some games. a class 1 or class 2 card would be best for gaming.

  mooly 18:00 23 May 2009

I have an Aspire 9301, 2.5 year old and it gets hammered, but looked after. And that's the secret with any really.
Yes I like Acer, and the bundled software (what do they come with now ?) has been really usefull.

  laptopfan76 13:52 28 May 2009

There are a few other questions you need to consider when buying your first [url=click here]laptop [/url]:

• What tasks will you be performing on your laptop? (Work?Games? Watching films? Using the Internet?)
• Will you need to carry your laptop around with you?
• How many hours battery life do you need?

PC advisor does have an informative database to help you choose depending on the function, price or manufacturer:


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