Help in buying the CD-R's please

  erkmatrix 15:04 10 May 2005

Can someone please tell me if from these

click here

CD-R's you can put a image tiff file around 180MB on, I want to store all my digital Artwork onto CD-R's incase my computer crashes.


  TomJerry 15:11 10 May 2005

in term of capability, all CDRs are the same, but quality may be different

is there any reason you need to keep files in Tiff format?

  pj123 15:17 10 May 2005

Most (if not all) CDRs are now 80 minutes or 700mbs. Although I have never seen a tiff file to be 180mb but if that is correct then you should be able to get 3 of them on one CD.

  erkmatrix 23:38 10 May 2005

lol thanks guys, sorry maybe I should of worded it better, basically just wanted to know of its capacity in MB and of course like the idiot I am only read the 80mins bit and missed the 700mbs bit , so they should be fine for what I need to them for.

Yeah I work with Digital Abstract Art files and keep them as tiff files cause that the best format to send off to printers, 180MB is not really that big when the size of canvas needs to be bigger scale artwork.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:21 11 May 2005

You might wznt to consider using dvds for storing your artwork as you would be able to get 24 180MB images on each disk.

  Totally-braindead 20:03 11 May 2005

junipaire if these files are really essential to you then I'd make 2 copies so that if a disk got damaged you'd have a back up.

  erkmatrix 09:49 12 May 2005

Good idea cheers again guys

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